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Donna and Geneva in 1989

2 Jun , 1989  

This funny post below is from Geneva Cruz’s Twitter account. If you’re familiar with the popular kids group “Smokey Mountain”, Geneva is one of its lead singers (she’s wearing a ‘Smokey Mountain’ tshirt). If our assumed information is correct this is for a Children’s Song festival where both Donna and Smokey Mountain are contenders with great children singers from other nations.

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Little Donna in the 80s

27 May , 1982  

Here are a few pictures from Donna– baby/kid pics of her! Look at how adorable she is…


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Donna’s 5th Birthday

14 Feb , 1982  

Donna sent us this pic of her with cousins Mimi and Glenda, and her dad’s youngest sister stading (so she’s actually her Aunt!), taken on her 5th birthday. (Sent: Feb 3, 2004)





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