Now and Forever (2016)

ALL MUSIC > NOW AND FOREVER NOW AND FOREVER Star Music (2016) Star Music releases Donna Cruz's most anticipated comeback album - after more than 16 years since Hulog ng Langit. TRACK LISTING:
  1. A Love to Last
  2. Langit ang Pag-ibig
  3. Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin
  4. Friends
  5. Dapat ka bang Mahalin?
  6. Ika'y Mahal pa rin
  7. Nag-iisang Ikaw
  8. Hanggang
  9. A Love to Last (Minus one)
  10. Langit ang Pag-ibig (Minus one)
  11. Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin (Minus one)
  12. Friends (Minus one)
  13. Dapat ka bang Mahalin? (Minus one)
  14. Ika'y Mahal pa rin (Minus one)
  15. Nag-iisang Ikaw (Minus one)
  1. A Love to Last
  2. Langit ang Pag-ibig
  Release date: The physical CD album was released on March 11, 2016 (delayed from the originally planned March 4th release date). The album is also available online for purchase: Now and Forever on Amazon: Now and Forever on iTunes: Now and Forever on Google Play:   PLAY ALBUM ON SPOTIFY: (You need the Spotify app to play the songs.)   Take a peek inside the 'Now and Forever' album! An unboxing video from Star Music:  
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