Kurot Sa Puso (1992)

ALL MUSIC > KUROT SA PUSO Kurot Sa Puso Viva Records (1992) The "Kurot Sa Puso" (translation: "Pinch in my Heart") album is Donna Cruz's second full LP and matches Donna's stage in life - she was in her early teens when this album was made. Tracks such as "Tampuririt" (Editor's comment: this is one of the Filipino words we are having a hard time translating), "Alam Mo Na, 'Di Ba?" (translation: "You Already Know, right?") have lyrics reflecting a teenager's tender and fluctuating feelings of great infatuation. donna2ndalbum-cover TRACK LISTING:
  1. Huwag Kang Mangako
  2. Kurot Sa Puso
  3. Tampuririt
  4. Alam Mo Na, 'Di Ba?
  5. Usapan
  6. Kapag Kasama Ka
  7. Kahit Dama Ng Puso
  8. Pag-ibig Na Ba Ito?
  9. Walang Balikan, Walang Palitan
  10. Mayroon Na Bang Ibang Gusto
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