Donna Cruz in Viva’s Wall of Fame
Celebrating its 41st anniversary last November 11, VIVA Entertainment has launched its Viva’s Wall of Fame - it is a wall honoring the top 41 (among hundreds of artists) artists who have worked with VIVA Entertainment and have significantly contributed to its growth. Donna Cruz, who has been with VIVA almost her entire active career in showbusiness ia a part of the Wall of Fame.

Instagram post pic below as shared by the Donnanians instagram account.
Photo credits: CinemaBravo

For more information and to see more of the galleries and which big stars made it to the list, you can refer to these other sites:


Last Feb Donna’s birthday and vday

Last Feb 14 as we all know, is not just Valentines’ day but most especially it is our dear Donna’s birthday! She celebrated it of course with her family and also looking after her mom who thankfully is all recovered now. Cakes and greetings