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A Do Re Mi reunion at R3.0

Donna Cruz, Regine Velasquez, and Mikee Cojuangco – DOREMI – were all together once again in R3.0, this time with Regine’s son Nate Velasquez Alcasid.

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Donna sings with Mom Yolly

Donna sings “Ugoy ng Duyan” with her Mommy Yolly, who’s a very good singer as well and who has been the one training Donna since she was a little girl.

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#FANCAM: Donna @ SM City Rosales

It’s not easy to take a video of your favorite artist live as there’s usually a lot of background noise. This one did well- Donna’s voice is very clear and there’s less noise. Donna sings one of her hit singles “Only Me and You”

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