13 days before her 13th birthday
13 days before her 13th birthday, Donna sings 'My funny valentine' accompanied by no less than Ryan Cayabyab in the show Ryan Ryan Musikahan.
Donna Cruz

13 days shy of her 13th birthday, Donna Cruz sings a difficult arrangement of "My Funny Valentine" an American classic known in the world as the "Reeves" version*. The performance is mystifying, so beyond the age a golden buzzer moment. I wish Donna can do this again. Let's all watch this! Ryan Ryan Musikahan February 1, 1990 ABS-CBN -- *The "Reeves" version is from the Grammy award winner jazz singer Dianne Reeves who recorded this song for her debut album "Welcome to my Love" released in 1982 and since then has become the standard among jazz contemporary singers. To preview, click here: https://youtu.be/EEKUpleQqjs

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Last Feb Donna’s birthday and vday

Last Feb 14 as we all know, is not just Valentines’ day but most especially it is our dear Donna’s birthday! She celebrated it of course with her family and also looking after her mom who thankfully is all recovered now. Cakes and greetings

Donna’s movies on Viva Films Youtube

Some of Donna’s movies such as “Pag-ibig ko sa iyo’y totoo“, “Kadenang Bulaklak“, “Campus Girls“, “Lovenotes the Movie”, “Manchichiritchit” and “Habang May Buhay“, are being streamed on Viva Films Youtube Channel.

An impromptu Cruz trio performance

At the celebration of the anniversary/renewal of vows of Donna’s parents, cousins Geneva Cruz, Glenda Cruz and Donna sang “Somewhere” and “Dahil Sa ‘Yo”, a Filipino classic love song. Enjoy the impromptu performances and some pictures of the event with close family members. Posts

Happy birthday & v-day Donna!

Happy birthday and also a happy Valentines’ day to our one and only, Donna! More blessings and best of health. Thank you for always inspiring us and being a great role model to many.