The San Francisco Show (written by Kevin D.)
From June to July 1998, Donna performed in Reno, San Diego, and San Francisco. Below is an experience of the show shared by Kevin Delane. Thanks Kevin!

The San Francisco Show

(As experienced and written by Kevin Delane) I just got back from the Donna concert in San Francisco. It was my first time going to a Filipino Concert and I left VERY IMPRESSED!!! The show started off pretty slow with a few "no namers", but then Pilita came out and did a few songs/jokes, Leonard came out and did the same (he even interacted with the crowd, mostly men though!), and then Jaya was welcomed by the hometown crowd when she did her current hit songs. Jaya then followed up with the Celine Dion and Barbara Striesand song Tell Him. Donna joined her and the crowd (and my barkada ) erupted!!! We ran towards the stage hoping to get a close look at her. Fortuantely the security was cool about letting her fans see her. She sang all her hit songs (except for Wish) and I yelled out "I love you Donna". She saw me a smiled and waved at me!!! Then she invited my syota Christine and her friends to sing a song with her!!! We have a pic of it to prove!!! And to top it all off, my friend took my panuleo and wiped Donna's forehead with it!!!!! I quickly kept the panuelo in a plastic bag as my rememberance of Donna. I waved at Donna again and extended my hand hoping that she would shake it. After recognizing me (again) she shook my hand. Her hands were so smooth and soft!! I wish I didn't wash them!! I sound like a SUPER MAARTE fan don't I??? I'm not ashamed because I got to see Donna up close. I even jumped up and down with so much excitement (as if I won an Academy Award!!) when I got the panuelo!!! After the end of the show fans were able to go backstage and meet the performers. My barkada all got autographs with Donna , but our camera ran out of film!! Donna was short, about 5'1" I think. She didn't seem to recognize me then, but it was okay because I have all my memoriabila of that unforgettable night. Too bad it was her 'first and only' concert (in San Francisco). The only gripe I have was that the concert hall wasn't even full!! Hey if it wasn't then my barkada wouldn't have a chance to move from the balcony to front row!!!!