Donna and Yong Goes to the USA for Vacation
Donna Cruz and husband Yong Larrazabal will go to the USA for vacation, from April 26 - May 10, 2004. The couple will be staying around the San Francisco Bay area (California). So for Donna Cruz fans in San Francisco, watch out 'coz you might just be shopping beside her at a mall!


Family trip in Japan for Donna & kids

Donna & her family- husband Yong and kids Belle, Cian, and Gio have visited Japan during the Easter break. A few IG snapshots of the family on their trip are available below, shared via Donna’s and Yong’s instagram posts:

Donna & Yong’s memorable trip to the Holy Land

Donna & her husband Yong recently visited Capernaum and Bethlehem. Donna shares her trip experience as wonderful and super memorable, and the couple both felt blessed and speechless visiting the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Here are some pictures from Donna and Yong’s instagram posts: