Ricky Lo’s In-depth Interview with Donna & Yong and a visit to their Cebu “mansion”

Read this in-depth interview of Philippine Star's Ricky Lo, together with photographer Raoul Tidalgo, in an article entitled "The Private World of Donna & Yong". The two visited the Larrazabal "mansion" in Cebu, a 2,000 square meter area where Donna Cruz, husband Yong Larrazabal, and kids are living now.
Photo Credits: R. Tidalgo / Philippine Star
Photo Credits: R. Tidalgo / Philippine Star


Donna’s Birthday & Valentine 2022

Another sweet and blessed year for Donna, on her birthday and valentines’ day! She shared pictures of her simple special day below, with her husband. Donna turned 45 (and she doesn’t look a bit like her age!).