#FANCAM: Donna sings ‘Hulog ng Langit’ at SM City Tarlac

It's not easy to take a video of your favorite artist live as there's usually a lot of background noise. This one did well- Donna's voice is very clear and there's less noise. Donna sings 'Hulog ng Langit' (the carrier hit from Donna's last full LP of the same title prior to her comeback in 2016) at SM City Tarlac, as part of the North Luzon Mall Tour promoting her album Now and Forever. This video is shared on YouTube by Kaat Mina.  
Video on YouTube via Kaat Mina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYOG3eXgrSA
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An impromptu Cruz trio performance

At the celebration of the anniversary/renewal of vows of Donna’s parents, cousins Geneva Cruz, Glenda Cruz and Donna sang “Somewhere” and “Dahil Sa ‘Yo”, a Filipino classic love song. Enjoy the impromptu performances and some pictures of the event with close family members. Posts