Donna’s 4th major marathon (update)
Donna narrates bits from her recent exciting marathon experience at the Colorado Revel Rockies.

#Babala #NobelaPost Thanks, honey @yonglarrazabal! ❤️ I still can’t believe I ran 26.2 miles with (almost) no training. Mag half marathon lang po sana ako para wala masyadong pressure but I also wanted to challenge myself and see if I could run 42k na kahit ako pa ang last runner to cross the finish line, basta maka finish lang, sobrang happy at thankful nako. Kaya hayun, sabi ko isipin ko na lang na parang nag long run lang ako while enjoying the stunning views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Basta walang signs of alarming pain and discomfort, I’ll do my best to finish the course. I prayed to God for strength and protection (before, during and after every race naman po yan 😊) and that all half and full marathon participants will safely finish the race. Thinking about my family - my inspirations in life, my favorite running mantras (like “Mind over matter”, “Pain is temporary”, “I can and I will!”, “Kaya mo yan!”, “You are stronger than you think”, “Go Marathon Mom!”) to motivate myself, help me stay focused, try to direct my mind away from negative thoughts and just keep going plus taking walk breaks every five minutes or whenever pagod at hirap na, especially sa last 10k, really helped me keep moving forward and finish the race. ❤️🏃🏻‍♀️❤️ (May reminder/paalala po sa comment section.. di na po kasi kasya 🤓😄😅) #runrevel #revelrockies #revelrockies2018 #marathonmom #Repost @yonglarrazabal with @get_repost ・・・ Big shout out to this amazing woman who conquered her 4th Full Marathon (All sub5) with a time of 4 hours 53 mins. She did it despite lack of training and only having one 16k long run. Decision to upgrade from half to full was done a day prior. Congrats Honey @donnacruzyl . We are proud of you. Congratulations also other Team Cebu Members @janejaneong & Andrew Ong who both finished very strong. (Sub5) #larrazabals42k #runningcouple #runningfamily #marathoncouple

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Family trip in Japan for Donna & kids

Donna & her family- husband Yong and kids Belle, Cian, and Gio have visited Japan during the Easter break. A few IG snapshots of the family on their trip are available below, shared via Donna’s and Yong’s instagram posts: