Donna’s recipes: Pasta Carbonara with Corned Beef
If you feel like cooking on a Sunday, here's yet one more of Donna's recipes -- Pasta Carbonara with Corned Beef. Credits to KrisTV , RandomRepublika, and SunStar Cebu. The recipe below is documented by RandomRepublika from Donna's guesting on KrisTV:
  Pasta Carbonara with Corned Beef
  1. On a pan, sauté garlic on olive oil
  2. Add butter
  3. Add corned beef and cook until toasted
  4. Add full cream milk followed by all purpose cream
  5. Add parmesan cheese
  6. On a separate pot, boil water and add spaghetti noodles for eight minutes
  7. Drain noodles once cooked and add pasta sauce
  8. Add pepper and salt (and more cheese) according to your taste
  Donna's video on KrisTV with mom Yolly and Kris with her pasta:

    In another interview of Donna from Sunstar Cebu, making her pasta, Donna says "it's all about the cheese and cream" and that her kids love it a lot and get second servings.
Photo: Sunstar Cebu


An impromptu Cruz trio performance

At the celebration of the anniversary/renewal of vows of Donna’s parents, cousins Geneva Cruz, Glenda Cruz and Donna sang “Somewhere” and “Dahil Sa ‘Yo”, a Filipino classic love song. Enjoy the impromptu performances and some pictures of the event with close family members. Posts