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Donnanians’ birthday cake and gift for Donna

17 Feb , 2019  

Solid Donnanians contributed for a very nice birthday cake as gift for Donna on her birthday.


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Happy birthday Donna!

14 Feb , 2019  

Every year on February 14th it is double Valentines’ day for Donna’s fans (and Donna’s family!) – it is Valentines Day, and the birthday our everdearest sweetheart- Donna. Happy birthday Donna! May you be continued to be blessed with happiness, love, good health, and serve as an inspiration and good role model to your fans.



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Donna supports Yong in Morocco

6 Feb , 2019  

Donna went to Marrakech in Morocco to support her husband Yong in his 57th marathon quest.

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Donna’s 20 year challenge

26 Jan , 2019  

While a lot of people we know are doing the 10 year challenge, Donna went two decades back with a 20 year challenge!



Video of the 2nd Crispy Fry Play Day event

3 Jan , 2019  

Watch Donna & Gio in the official 2nd #CrispyFryPlayDay event video More…

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