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Donnanians’ 10th Anniversary Chat with Donna

15 Nov , 2021  

Donna, her adorable mom Mama Yolly, and the Donnanians celebrated the Donnanians’ 10th Anniversary last Saturday.

Organized by FB page admin Jocelyn, members of the group together with Donna’s mom (Tita Yolly!) have enjoyed a two-hour chat with a couple of performances from the group members. There’s also a trivia/quiz game where members are asked questions such as “Give 5 names of roles/characters that Donna played in movies/TV”, or ‘Name 3 songs of Donna that has the word ‘love’ in the title”, etc.

Please enjoy the photo gallery / snaps from the chat. A few of the photos screengrabbed by Jocelyn and Lot Y. Thank you! About 60 people including Donna and her mom participated in the chat.

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