Beautiful Cruz cousins’ mini reunion
Donna had the chance to have a short reunion with fellow celebrity cousins Geneva Cruz and Sunshine Cruz as well as their close non-celebrity cousins Glenda, Aubrey and Mimi, when she and Yong and their kids went to Manila for a short trip.

These ladies are very close since they were young, all growing up together.

Here are various Instagram posts from them. Do check out the video from Geneva’s instagram where all the cousins are singing together (they used to do this a lot growing up)!


An impromptu Cruz trio performance

At the celebration of the anniversary/renewal of vows of Donna’s parents, cousins Geneva Cruz, Glenda Cruz and Donna sang “Somewhere” and “Dahil Sa ‘Yo”, a Filipino classic love song. Enjoy the impromptu performances and some pictures of the event with close family members. Posts