Mother’s day appreciation post for Donna

In 1999 Donna first became a mother when she gave birth to Belle.

Donna is a doting, hands-on mother who’s very close to her children Belle, Cian and Gio. No doubt they’d celebrate Mother’s day with their mom Donna in a great way.

A Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day to Donna and to all the mothers out there!

BONUS: These are the side by side baby pictures of Donna and Belle when they were babies:

  And this is Donna and Belle now 🙂


Family trip in Japan for Donna & kids

Donna & her family- husband Yong and kids Belle, Cian, and Gio have visited Japan during the Easter break. A few IG snapshots of the family on their trip are available below, shared via Donna’s and Yong’s instagram posts: