Donna and Keempee’s duet: “Dream Away”

Watch Donna Cruz and Keempee De Leon do a duet with their own version of "Dream Away" as guests on Eat Bulaga. Donna and Keempee were semi co-hosts in the afternoon variety show for a short time. Video credits:  @Rose lyn on Youtube, Eat Bulaga. No copyright infringement intended.   Donna Cruz and Keempee de Leon - Dream Away


Watch Donna tomorrow @ Eat Bulaga

Donna will be appearing Oct 23, 2021 on noontime show Eat Bulaga. She’ll appear in the ‘Cash Landing on You’ segment. On Saturdays the show airs 11:30am Philippine time.

BTS – Crispy Fry TVC with Donna and Gio

The actual TVC is lovely but the BTS is super cute! Watch the behind the scenes cut of the Crispy Fry TVC with Donna and Gio: Watch video @ Ajinomoto PH’s Facebook Page: