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Donna’s Lux Super Rich Shampoo Commercial (1997)

1 Jun , 1997   Video

Donna was the official Lux Super Rich Shampoo endorser in the Philippines in 1997. More…

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Donna on Woman Today Magazine

19 Mar , 1997  

Donna graces the cover of Woman Today Magazine. In this issue, she’s asked a few controversial questions– how does she feel that she seem to have “dethroned” the other Viva protege, Vina Morales; whether the taste of success has made her more spoiled; and a few more.

(C) Woman Today Magazine 1997





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Donna in ePhilippines’ Calendar

21 Feb , 1997  

Donna is included in the 1997 eCalendar of ePhilippines. Photo from ePhilippines.



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Dahil Tanging Ikaw the movie

12 Feb , 1997   Video

Dahil Tanging Ikaw is a movie in Feb 1997 starring Donna Cruz (playing a twin role in the movie), Jao Mapa and Ian De Leon. Donna plays the roles of Erika and Cecil, twins who were separated at birth due to poverty.


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Jao and Donna on Glitter

15 Jan , 1997  

Jao Mapa and Donna Cruz are featured on the Jan 15th Glitter Magazine.

(c) Glitter Magazine

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