People’s Choice Website for Film/Celebrity in the 1998 Philippine Webby Awards
December 9, 1998. This day is a memorable day in the Internet history of the Philippines. The first national award-giving body for excellent websites, the 1st Philippine Webby Awards (brought to you by IDG, and The Web) is happening on this very day, and yes, the Donna Cruz website is a part of this event.  
Winners of the 1998 Philippine Webby Awards. December 9, 1998 @ Hard Rock Cafe, Makati, Philippines.

The Donna Cruz website won as People’s Choice for Best Film/Celebrity site (it is also one of the 5 finalists). Thank you to all the site visitors who supported and voted for this site.

  The night was full of people that are considered very cool and ‘gods’ of the Philippine internet industry then:  Ronnie Miranda (the webmaster of The Sharon Cuneta website) is there, Jim Ayson, creator of, and many more. They make these really cool and sophisticated websites.  

This is the "We've been nominated!" nominee icon of the 1998 Philippine Webby Awards.
The full list of winners of the 1st Philippine Webby Awards can be found in the Internet Archive:


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Hello all, we’re in a long process of migrating all the content from her sites: Definitive (2000-2014) and if you’re in the mood for a trip down memory lane, visit the first Official Classic Site (1997-1999).

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FROM DONNA WITH LOVE Friday, February 13, 2004 hello everyone! i would like to welcome all of you to my new and improved, enhanced, mas high tech (more features will be added pa),

Sites to behold

As part of the post-Philippine Web Awards supplement (the 2001 Philippine Web Awards) the winners, including the website are mentioned in this article snippet entitled:  Sites to behold.