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The New Year Chat with Donna and friends

13 Jan , 1999  

January 13, 1999 New Year Chat with Donna

The Formal Chat started a bit late because DOINGS was having connection problems, she has problems connecting to the main chatroom, so she told those with mIRC (a software used for IRC) to go to a channel she set up there #bellyboom (no transcript for that chat). She made it to the main chat around past 4:30 pm (Phil Time). We apologize for the chat delay. Next time we will work for a better chat environment.

There were a lot of people who attended the chat (about more than 40). Thanks to all of you who have participated. Sorry we have to really moderate the chat at first because everyone was trying to get to talk to Donna. Imagine: 40 chatters vs. 1 DOINGS. See how unruly it would be if we don’t moderate it. Sorry to those we have scolded, kicked and banned. We just have to do it, or else, we won’t get to chat at all. Thanks again.

Donna (Doings) said she really enjoyed the chat (and she got a bit dizzy too with all the questions). The first time she entered the main chatroom, her network connection was lagging, and all questions showed up to her simultaneously! She apologizes for those questions she has not read/ and or answered.

Thanks Mich (and the rest of the community!). Believe us, the whole chat transcript is very long! It takes some guts and a lot of patience to extract the chat highlights. Thanks also for those who have noticed some typo errors (esp to Grace, Mike, Cher).

Chat begins

DOINGS : hi!!!!!!

DAMON : DOINGS will you be DOINGS Again?

DOINGS: DOINGS the actress?:) hihi! i will still be DOINGS the singer that’s for sure! 🙂

JIJI : Now that you’re finaly here, let’s start the ball rolling. How are you nowadays???

DOINGS : ji ok naman. busy sa pagiging mommy and wife:) busy din sa pag papapayat, hihi!:)

CHER : DOINGS marunong ka na bang mag Cebuano

DOINGS : cher. gamay lang pero kasabot nako

JIJI : how is baby belle and how is mommy DOINGS coping???

DOINGS : ji, belle is ok naman. tabachingching. healthy baby 🙂 lagi nakasmile:)

SUPER : Hi DOINGS. If my GF catches me doing this, she will kill me. She once got jealous of you.

DOINGS : super, tell her you love her and that she should trust you. i already have a husband. may baby na actually:)

QUEY : DOINGS ano ang ginagawa mong pangpapayat ngayon?
ANGEL : pumayat ka na ba?
TRISH : tell us about your diet

DOINGS : fish diet lang trish, puro fish tapos low carb, aerobics kasama

CHER : i can’t make up a good question. who were Belle’s godparents na lang

DOINGS : godparents ni belle mga friends ni yong and friends ko. walang showbiz eh. si geneva lang and karen tiimbol. also my kuya:)

ANGEL : DOINGS will u sing this coming sinulog?

DOINGS : hindi angel eh. walang sched.

CALOY : DOINGS may pelikula ka bang bago?

DOINGS : wala caloy

MISHELLE : when can we seen you in movie DOINGS?

DOINGS : di na ako makakagawa ng movies kasi mahirap pagsabayin ang pagiging wife and a mother tapos gawa pa ng movies pero i’ll still sing:)

GRACE23 : bakit payat ka na ulit diba DOINGS?

DOINGS : grace i lost weight na pero i still need to lose weight. 2 months pa lang naman ang baby eh

INDAY : DOINGS, Caloy asked if you will do a movie like that of Kim delos santos

DOINGS : Caloy, di na. mahirap kasi risky kung punta ako lagi sa manila. i don’t want to be away from my baby ng matagal

CHER : When are you coming to Manila for Hulog ng Langit?

DOINGS : Cher, wala pang schedule. it’s up to viva. iba yata priorities nila ngayon eh

MISHELLE : May balak ka pa bang babalik sa showbusiness?

DOINGS : mishelle” sa singing na lang:)

CANDYB : Ate DOINGS may bago kana bang kanta?

DOINGS : yung hulog ng langit lang and for baby candy:)

ANGEL : DOINGS wala ka bang concert sa cebu?

DOINGS : angel, wala pa.

MISHELLE : What if baby Belle will follow your step when she grown up would you permit her?

DOINGS : mishelle, basta tapos siya ng pag-aaral ok lang.

AMY : When are you coming to Manila to promote your album?

DOINGS : amy, i’m going to manila to promote my album pero i don’t know when pa. ang viva ang nagpaplano. kaya lang parang iba yung mga priorities nila ngayon eh

AMY : ate DOINGS kamusta yung baby mo

DOINGS : amy, she’s fine tulog ngayon

MISHELLE : lalabas ka ba sa TV this coming birthday mo?
ANGEL :will u have a concert this february sa birthday mo?

DOINGS : mishelle, meron dapat na show sa manila pero ewan ko kung tuloy. mukhang malabo na so siguro meron pa rin i don’t know when lang talaga. sa b-day ko dito lang kami nila yong and belle:)

CHER : saan kayo noong Holidays

DOINGS : dito lang din cher.

GRACEOUS : DOINGS are you still on the adjustment period of being a mommy??

DOINGS : graceous, di na. fully adjusted na ako. dali lang naman eh. sarap magkababy. complete na buhay ko.:) sa umpisa lang talagang wala ka laging tulog. ok na ako ngayon:)

AMY : ate DOINGS kamusta pala yung husband mo

DOINGS : amy, he’s ok. busy sa work

GRACE23 : DOINGS Do u and ur family have plans on going here ! California!

DOINGS : grace, sana! miss ko na pumunta sa states. i want to go there pati sa l.a. and sa florida pati sa hawaii. i really love to travel. this year baka pumunta kami kasama si belle

DeVoTeDKiNdOfGuY : my name is Roy, so you’re planning to go to L.A.?

DOINGS : roy, siguro mga july-august pa

DOINGS : ang daming babies dito ngayon, binisita unit namin. funny kasi si belle smile ng smile, haha! friendly baby 🙂

MISHELLE : DOINGS, di ka ba lalabas sa birthday mo?

DOINGS : mishelle, baka pasyal lang kami ni yong dito

GRACEOUS : so DOINGS how many kids you like bah??

DOINGS : grace, mga 3 sana. kung wla pang boy hanggang 4 kung wla pa rin, hanggang 4 na lang talaga. hihi!:)

GRACEOUS : DOINGS actually I know how to speak a cebuano!!

DOINGS : really? ako konti pa lang pero i can understand na kaya hindi na ako mabebenta. haha!:)

INDAY : DOINGS, is it possible na magmeet ang DOINGS cruz and friends LA chapter

DOINGS : mare, basta ba may show ako dun pwede nating ipa-arrange sa p.m. ko kay kuya donboy na mag meet kami.:)

JIJI : do you still get to walk around the beaches in Shangri-la or maybe plantation bay??? ganda doon no!

DOINGS : ji, oo naman grabe. dun ako lagi

MISHELLE : alam mo DOINGS I had a collection of your picture in the magazine before, na close ko na ito its end in your wedding picture. And I’m starting again for the 2nd one.

DOINGS : talaga mish? wow! galing naman! kakatouch!:) thanks!

MINES22 : DOINGS, nag papabreasfeed kaba or sa can milk???

DOINGS : mines, formula milk gamit ko kasi wala akong milk. gutom lagi baby sa akin so i stopped na kahit hindi ko gusto mag stop i had no choice.
** DOINGS breastfed for 1 month.

GRACEOUS : DOINGS I bet gihigugma gyud kaayo ka ni yong

DOINGS : oo naman grace:)

KAT : oo nga how about here in Singa. pano naman yung mga fans mo dito?

DOINGS : basta ba may offer na shows sa ibat ibang countries kahit pa sa zimbabwe why not?:) hihi! siyempre gusto ko rin kayo makita and ma meet:)

KAY : Hey DOINGS How do We Get you For A COncERT Here In San JOSE?
INDAY : kay, email me na lang and ill forward it to her manager

DOINGS : i have a manager here kay.

GRACEOUS : DOINGS tinuod ba na ipangalan ninyo kung lalaki ang next baby ,potenciano 4th (totoo ba na kung lalaki raw ang magiging anak niyo ni yong, ipapangalan niyo na Potenciano IV?)

DOINGS : oo.

MINES22 : DOINGS, gumagamit ka ba ng ICQ???

DOINGS : hindi na mines


DOINGS : kay yupz pero hindi yung kachikahan

MINES22 : DOINGS, anong masasabi mo na si Richard Gomez magkaka baby na rin?????????

DOINGS : mines, siyempre i’m happy for them. alam ko tagal na nila gusto magkababy. alam ko yung feeling ng alam mo na positive ka na. super!!!

NICAR : where r u going to spend your b-day..I’m sure it will gonna be your best b-day ever coz may baby ka na…

DOINGS : oo nga nicar. here lang siguro. si yong may surprise yata eh:)

GRACEOUS : having a baby completes the woman in you DOINGS, right??????

DOINGS : graceous, yups! kahit naman kaninong babae eh:)

AMY : ate DOINGS i miss you so much, you’re still my one and only idol. I love you

DOINGS : thanks amy! you’re so sweet!:)

GRACE23: so, DOINGS any tips for me gusto ko rin mag diet e

DOINGS : fish lang ako lunch and dinner walang rice or bread basta low carb low fat and aerobics. discipline kailangan grace. pag wala niyan, wala mangyayari

KAT : DOINGS Kailan nyo ulet susundan si belle?

DOINGS : kat, haha! mga 2-3 years pa siguro.

MINES22 : DOINGS, para kayong pinagbiyak na luya ni BELLE!!!!

DOINGS : mines, hahahaha! ngayon ko lang narinig yang luya ha. alam ko pinagbiyak na bunga hihi!:)

KAY : Hey DOINGS Are You down to Have a Concert here In SAn JOSe?

DOINGS : maybe kay. dunno pa. if someone invites me to have a concert there why not di ba?
KAY : Well We’re inviting YOU

DOINGS : i hope it’s as easy as that lang pag may nag invite. yung manager ko kasi very strict. siya ang dapat kausapin. yun ang proper way kasi may contract kami:)

MINES22 : DOINGS, sino ang pinaka close or bestfriend mo sa Showbiz except Geneva????

DOINGS : bestfriend ko sa showbiz? si karen timbol. di na siya showbiz ngayon eh. friends ko sila donita, regine and mikee
MINES22 : oh really, Kapampangan yon DOINGS!!!!! (*referring to Karen Timbol)

DOINGS : oo pero manila na siya ngayon valenzuela:)
DeVoTeDKiNdOfGuY : whoa i didn’t know you were friends with donita

DOINGS : oo devoted. she’s a very nice person. sweet din yun:)

RAQUEL : DOINGS how’s ur cousin sheryl??
MINES22 : DOINGS, may communication ba kayo ni Sheryl Cruz…buntis na ba sya??????

DOINGS : mines, wala eh. i don’t know lang if she’s already pregnant. sana no?:)

KAT : anong masasabi mo kay Sunshine ?

DOINGS : kat, wala naman. its’ her life. she has the right to decide for herself. nasa tamang age na siya.:)

KAY : DOINGS do You Answer Your Write Back if We Email You?

DOINGS : kay, i cannot promise na makareply ako right away kasi busy din ako sa baby and minsan na lang ako sa computer pero i’ll really try to reply agad basta mabasa ko

NICAR : r u still planning to go back to showbusiness?

DOINGS : nicar, sa singing na lang:)

APRIL : DOINGS, my cousin saw your very successful concert here in san diego, you were very down to earth daw and i believe her

DOINGS : thanks april!:) thanks din sa cousin mo:)

KAY : DOINGS do You Still talk to CANDY PANGILIAN? youKnow Your Side kick In most movies ThaT You Are In?

DOINGS : minsan na lang kay

MINES22 : DOINGS, nahirapan ka ba sa labor mo kay BELLE????

DOINGS : mines hindi naman. induced ang labor ko eh. yung epidural heaven ang feeling nung umeffect na siya. 7 hrs. lang lahat then labas na si belle:)

APRIL : Belle means beautiful, di ba DOINGS?

DOINGS : yupz april:)

OMAR : DOINGS, next time you visit southern cali let your fans here know k?

DOINGS : sure omar. 🙂

KITKAT : My husband and I went to see you concert at Cruzin At San Diego… We were not able to get a picture of you… Is that true…that your husband didn’t allow you to take pictures with your fans????

DOINGS : kitkat, that’s not true. si yong pa nga ang nagsasabi sa akin pag may gusto magpa-picture. He’s a very nice person. i’m very happy with my husband. very supportive siya sa akin pati sa singing ko:)
KITKAT : I was write there when I got your signature..DOINGS…pero your bodyguard wouldn’t let us…take your picture

DOINGS : kitkat, minsan kasi over din yung mga bodyguards. pasensiya na lang.

KAY : DOINGS Could I send you SOmething for Your BirthDay? ANd for your Baby Too?

DOINGS : kay, nakakahiya naman:) ok lang. thanks ha?!:)

KAY : No I’m SerioUs

DOINGS : che will give my address to you:) thanks again

MISHELLE : nag-aaral ka DOINGS ano?

DOINGS : oo mishelle

APRIL : DOINGS, ilang hrs ka ngang nag-labor, if you don’t mind em asking?
TRISH : april, 7 hours labor si DOINGS

APRIL : ang sarap ng in love, DOINGS, ano?

DOINGS : oo naman april

MINES22 : DOINGS, totoo ba na naging BF mo si Ian Deleon???
DOINGS : mines, nope.

TINE : DONNA, did you like the music box i got you

DOINGS : tine, yupz thanks!

GRACEOUS : donna bf mo daw si onemig???????

DOINGS : grace hindi rin
GRACE23 : hindi? bat sabi nya

DOINGS : si yong ang first and last ko. sila kaya akala niyo totoo kasi part yun ng showbiz yung i-li-link kayo sa isat isa para mag hit yung movies. grabe no? waka naman kaming inamin nun kaya hindi rin kami nag lie:)

KITKAT : donna….my husband and i plan to visit the philippines…where is the best beach resort????

DOINGS : kitkat, dami dito. like sa palawan. dun lahat magaganda. sa amanpulo, el nido. dito sa cebu fav ko sa shangri-la mactan island resort. super!!:)

APRIL : Donna, I still remember your wedding date, Sept. 19 nga ba? Kasi kami ng husband ko ay days lang after nyo, Sept. 27th kami.

DOINGS : si belle oct. 27 b-day.

MISHELLE : May balak na bang masundan ang album mo na “Hulog ng Langit”?

DOINGS : mish, sana.

KITKAT : Donna, How is your daughter?? How the ‘mother life?’

DOINGS : kit, ok naman. masarap magkababy:) sarap maging mommy. very fulfilling!

MINES22 : DOINGS, anong tawagan nyo ni Doc?????????????

DOINGS : “honey” 🙂 hihi!:)

KAY : How’s JasoN EvERLY?

DOINGS : kay, wala na akong balita sa kanya eh:)
GRACEOUS : donna nalaman ba ni jason everly na ur happily married na????

DOINGS : graceous, he called me before yong and i got married to congratulate me.:) mabait yun:)

OMAR : you know..donna not many women can pull off looking elegant while pregnant but somehow you did.

DOINGS : omar, naku thanks!:)

APRIL : Donna, pls stay down to earth! That’s what we like in you!

MINES22 : DOINGS, kailan ka magi- guest sa Show ni Ate shawie ????

DOINGS : mines, siguro dun ako unang makikita pag balik ko. promise ko yun kay ate sharon:)

GRACE23 : Donna si mikee ba nakakausap mo pa? nagpunta ka ba sa Wedding nya diba pregnant sya?

DOINGS : grace, hindi ko na siya nakakausap. invited kami si wedding pero preggy ako that time so risky mag travel. i don’t know if she’s really pregnant.

APRIL : Donna, sinong gusto mong maka-partner sa movie na di mo pa nakasama?

DOINGS : april, si yong lang at wala ng iba. hihi! sabi ko papayag ako gumawa ng movie kung si yong ang ka loveteam ko. haha! as if papayag asawa ko. j/k!:)

DeVoTeDKiNdOfGuY : Donna I hope you get that gift for belle that I sent a long time ago

DOINGS : devoted, oo nga. bakit kaya wala pa.

APRIL : Donna, natatandaan ko pa yung kinanta mo yung “Your Love”, gustong-gusto ko yung version mo

DOINGS : thanks april! fav ko yun. para kay yong talaga yun 🙂

GRACEOUS : donna shy ba talaga si yong na tipo?????

DOINGS : graceous, oo. hindi sanay sa maraming tao. pero ngayon sanay na rin siya kasi lagi kami magkasama.:)

KITKAT : donna…is marvin agustin and jolina…just friends???

DOINGS : i don’t know if they’re just friends kasi wala naman akong balita sa kanila:)

SHEILA : natutulog ba ngayon si belle, donna?

DOINGS : sheila, di pa tulog. medyo nagluluko na nga kasi antok na.

GRACEOUS : donna kumusta naman ang inlaws mo????

DOINGS : graceous, ok naman sila. mababait.:)

INDAY : viva si donna… viva pa ba DOINGS?

DOINGS : oo che

APRIL : swerte ka Donna at di ka nahirapan kay Belle, ako nung sa baby ko ay nagsuka ako ata palaging nahihilo!

DOINGS : april, oo nga eh. swerte ako kasi hindi ko naranasan ang mga yun. ang masama lang na nangyari sa akin nagbleeding ako nun, scary talaga

OMAR : im kinda new to this..i only saw found out about you when my girlfriend showed me some videos…how old are you nga ba?
INDAY : donna is 22 turning 23.. right DOINGS?

MINES22 : DOINGS, anong best gift na natanggap mo nung Wedding nyo ni Doc??????

DOINGS : best gift sa wedding? hmmm…siguro yung honeymoon gift samin ng tito ni yong kasi kami lang dalawa talaga magkasama and first time ko nagtravel ng ganon

OMAR : donna..why did you decide to have kids soo early..? if too personal..i understand..

DOINGS : omar, kasi gusto ko talaga maaga magkababy para i can grow old with them

KITKAT : donna…is there any chance that you would come back to San Diego to have another concert?

DOINGS : kitkat, sana! enjoy ako diyan:)

DOINGS : guys alis na rin ako in a while. si yong lapit na dumating at kailangan ko pa asikasuhin. si belle miss ko na i hug:)

MINES22 : ingat..WE LOVE YOU DOINGS!!!!!!



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