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From Donna with Love: August 16, 2000

16 Aug , 2000  

August 16, 2000


hi everyone!! kamusta kayong lahat?: ) i wanna thank everyone who attended the chat last week. i really enjoyed it.

ang saya no? sa mga wala, i understand kasi iba naman talaga ang oras sa ibang countries and don’t worry, next time, ako naman at si mareng che and mag a-adjust para mas masaya, mas marami.

thank you all for (still) being there to support me. sana kita-kita tayo soon! ingat kayo and God bless us all!! mareng che, congratulations! galing ng gawa mo. win or lose, ikaw pa rin ang panalo samin. you’re the best! naks!:) i love you all!!



Donna Cruz “Doings” – my friends call me doings.:) lambing yun sakin.:)


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From 2000-2004 Donna sends on and off updates about her life, sharing what’s she’s been up to, her family life, her feelings and other fun tidbits via this website. Donna wrote to all of us in a personally written unedited email-style of communication format. Distribution of this content, partially or in its entirety is not permitted without permission from Donna and her artist management company.