The happy homemaker – a PhilStar interview

Salve Asis of The Philippine Star anecdotes a short interview of Mr. Ricky Lo with Donna Cruz  as writers and journalists troop to Cebu to be a part of the Cebu Press Freedom Week. Donna attended despite the fact that she and hubby Yong are celebrating their 7th anniversary that same day.
Donna admitted that she seldom ventures out of the house. But she has no complaints. "It breaks my heart every time I leave because my kids always want to go with me. And even before I got married, I was already a homebody," Donna said.
Donna also explained that she's not averse to doing interviews with the press but prefers that it go through proper channels - to her manager first. Read the full article:


Donna’s birthday and valentine celebration

Donna’s family, relatives and close friends gathered the night of Valentines day and Donna’s birthday to celebrate with her. Donna’s husband Yong has thoughtfully prepared her party– from decorations to coordinating the red-colored shirts of the guests.