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Donna The Graduate

Congratulations, Dona! We could never be proud – Donna Cruz despite her busy schedule looking after her kids and the family has also completed a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Cebu Doctor’s College.  She is keeping herself busy trying to maintain her husband’s clinic’s

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Ikaw Pala ‘Yon MTV Photoshoot

Donna sent us a couple of photos from the Ikaw Pala ‘Yon MTV Photoshoot.  In one of the photos, Donna is holding a very young Baby Belle (this is officially Belle’s first shooting day).

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Donna Cruz in Liverpool, Australia

Donna Cruz in Liverpool, Australia! November 26, 2000 Written by John Cook About 2,000 people attended Saturday night’s show. After the initial duet, Donna remained on stage to perform her songs. 

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Donna Cruz in Sydney, Australia (Written by John C.)

Donna Cruz in Sydney, Australia! November 25, 2000 Written by John Cook Donna and Geneva Cruz had their first concert in Sydney last night. A young crowd (I was there to help increase the average age) enjoyed their performance. The venue, Planet Hollywood could only

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