The First Official Chat with Donna Cruz

First Official Chat
Date : 1997-10-12 20:00:00
This is the first ever official chat with Donna Cruz, and one of the most memorable one. Special thanks to RG of RGSoft for helping us in this chat. We had technical problems with recording the chat log because on our logs the chatter’s names were invisible! The webmaster tried her best to recall who said which and what. Anyway, enjoy reading!

Chat begins

*** Log file opened: 10/12/97 8:14:17 PM
#Donna_Chat created on 10/12/97 8:15:56 PM –
[TEK] hello RG
[TEK] wb????????
[RG] Yes I am!!!!!
[RG] has she been here already????
[TEK] I know what it means, but it’s my first time in here
[—] yes I saw her homepage
[—] but I actually
[—] and you???
[RG] R u from the phillipines???
[RG] hello tek
[TEK] hi
*** Log file closed: 10/12/97 8:19:00 PM
*** Log file opened: 10/12/97 8:19:19 PM
[—] yes
[TEK] Sorry but can you tell me what time it is in the phillipines?
[TEK] hello ^RG
[TEK] so in 40 minutes donna will be heer?
[RG] probably 8 or 8:30
[TEK] I mean here!
[TEK] no in pi
[RG] yeah
[TEK] where r u from rg
[RG] yes
[RG] I haven’t got time to wait, but I’ll be back at 9:00
[RG] See you guys then Toedeloe…..
[—] me
[—] yes
[—] yes
[—] was that donna sitting on the chair
[—] then sit
[—] no
[TEK] Ca
[RG] oh are u still there
[TEK] what’s irct
[TEK] rg what’s irc
[TEK] not familiar with it rg
[RG] why do u ask
[RG] don’t know much about programming
>>>INDAY is cheryl.
[TEK] oh hi inday
[INDAY] hi tita tek!!! ang aga mo naman!!!
[INDAY] hi RG. long tim e no see how are u?
[INDAY] where is everybody????
[TEK] oo nga eh wiz pa ko naghihilamos
[INDAY] you know i got my new hair for this occassion? hehehe
[TEK] yeah right
[INDAY] RG: yes, we know each other. tita tek, this is RG, RG this is Tita Tek from long beach, ca.
[TEK] oh hi again rg
[INDAY] rg, does the
[ ] automatically appear???
[TEK] hi che from irene kulit besides me
[INDAY] hi irene…. tita tek tell her i got my new hair done.
[INDAY] rg> you typed it din….
[TEK/IRENE] i heard lokah
[INDAY] we have a problem here in case may impolite…
[INDAY] kasi this is a free chat room, walang mediator / authority to ban kahit ako.
[TEK] oh i’m sorry inday
[INDAY] no, tita tek, it was not you. ang ibig kong sabihin baka mamaya may stalker hindi natin ma-ban.
*** Log file closed: 10/12/97 8:39:22 PM
*** Log file opened: 10/12/97 8:39:58 PM
[INDAY] wow dalawa na lang tayo…. i’ll look for the others in the REAL chat, ok….
[INDAY] saglit lang…
[TEK] rg you wear glasses ha
[TEK] are you leaving now
[INDAY] oh….. good morning nga pala, tita tek!!! good evening, RG.
[TEK] good evening sa inyong dalawa
[INDAY] talaga RG, you’ll do the transcript???
[TEK] are u saying po to me rg
[TEK] hurt na si tita
*** Log file closed: 10/12/97 8:45:13 PM
*** Log file opened: 10/12/97 8:47:49 PM
***JIJI HAS JOINED #Donna_Chat
[INDAY]oh, ji, this is Tita Tek from long beach, tita, this is jiji from QC
[JIJI] Hi Cheryl! Oks ba ang ating collaborative tandem?
[INDAY] RG, this is Jillian
[RG] nice meeting you jil
[JIJI] Hi RG! The name’s Jillian, but you can call me Jiji
[JIJI] Bakit wala pa ang VIP, si Mareng Doings?
[INDAY] Tita Tek, i got to talk again to doings last friday, may kids kasi dito who wanted to talk to her so i called her. may sakit pa rin siya…. crackled pa rin ang boses niya.
[TEK] Is Doing sick?
[INDAY] jiji: i dont know. i paged her kanina to remind her. kung hindi naman siya makakapunta she’ll tell me/page me
>>>note: DOINGS is DONNA CRUZ.
>>note: mare is INDAY, DOINGS is mare, mare is CHERYL (hehehe!)
[INDAY] welcome!!!!
[DOINGS] hi!!!!!!!!!!!
[TEK] hello doings
[DOINGS] hi tita tek!
[DOINGS] hi jiji!
[DOINGS] Mare, kamusta?
[TEK] Hi Doings! It’s great to finally hear from you
[DOINGS] hi cheryl!
[DOINGS] hi inday!
[DOINGS] hi rg!
[DOINGS] hi doings! haha!
[DOINGS] ok ba?
[DOINGS] kamusta kayo?
[—] ok na ok
[JIJI] Hey, Mareng Doings! Did you get my email?
[INDAY] Mareng Donnay, i got my hair done for this occassion!!!
[INDAY] Doings, tita tek waked up early for this. 5 am sa kanila ngayon
[DOINGS] ji: yes.i got it. thanks!
[TEK] doings are you still sick
[DOINGS] mare: talaga? hehe!
[DOINGS] tita tek: kanina lang inatake ako ng asthma ko pero i’m ok now
[RG] So, what have you been busy with lately? Any lovelife update?
[JIJI] Hey, asthma classmate!
[INDAY] hi goose. ?
[DOINGS] ji: puro tapings and recordings
[GOOSE] Aloha from Hawaii
[DOINGS] rg: still promoting my latest single here from my album pure donna
[DOINGS] hi goose!
***NIDA HAS JOINED #Donna_Chat
[DOINGS] hi nida!
[TEK] nag almusal na ba kayo lahat, ay mali dinner pala
[DOINGS] how r u guys?
[INDAY] goose, are you cheryl from hawaii?
[JIJI] Will your US concert push through this Nov?
[INDAY] titatek: i’m on a diet (talaga ha!!!)… a couple of muffins for dinner?
[DOINGS] JI: no it won’t pero i’m still going there in november
[GOOSE] Yes, that’s why I used Goose because I knew you’d be here…
[TEK] ganon?
[DOINGS] tita tek: nakakatawa yung e-mail mo
[INDAY] goose> oh, i see…. how thoughtful… πŸ™‚
[JIJI] Will that be for pleasure or business? The trip?
[TEK] doings visit us here ok,,
[DOINGS] vacation:)
[DOINGS] baka recording na rin with jason
[INDAY] Mare> sama ako sa november, or uwian mo na lang ako ng blue-eyed… ehehehe
[DOINGS] tita tek: saan ba kayo?
[JIJI] i’m sure recording lang ba
[NIDA] When will you have an international record released? Soon, I hope!
[TEK] in long beach, doings
[DOINGS] hopefully soon!
[NIDA] Donna, are you really portraying the role of Maria opposite Chinggoy Alonso?
[DOINGS] nida: i’ll be playing the role of liesl not maria:) excited na nga ako eh
[DOINGS] rg: i’ll be filming a movie soon with onemig and jake roxas
[DOINGS] also with aga muhlach
[TEK] hi doings from my niece irene (kulit)
[DOINGS] wb goose!
[DOINGS] hi irene!!!
[DOINGS] how r u?
[INDAY] Wala bang COMMERCIAL muna???
[TEK] fine thank you manay
[DOINGS] mare: tahimik mo ngayon ha
[JASON] Howzit Doings
[INDAY] wow. is it jason everly????
[DOINGS] mare: hintayin mo may bago kaya lang confi pa eh
[JASON] hi!!!
[DOINGS] Hi Jason!
[—-] jason????
[—-] Jason who?
[—-] hi jason
[JASON] hi jiji!!!
[INDAY] doings: tahimik talaga ako eh… i’m shy πŸ™‚
[JASON] where’s donna?
[TEK] Come on, Jason. Give!
[—] hi jason!
[DOINGS] haha! jason EH?
[JASON] jiji: where’s my honey?
[DOINGS] che: di pala puwede yon
[DOINGS] kala ko puwede yung doings is now known as donna
*** Log file closed: 10/12/97 8:59:57 PM
*** Log file opened: 10/12/97 9:02:36 PM
[TEK] ay!
[DOINGS] wb rg!
[INDAY] donnay: hi from my mama!
[NIDA] wb ^RG
[DOINGS] tita tek: anong oras na diyan?
[DOINGS] hi mama che!
[TEK] 6:15 am
[DOINGS] hmmm…aga!
[RG] will BRB!
[INDAY] doings: sabi ni mama gusto ka raw niya makilala.
[NIDA] cheryl, mukhang hindi ko yata naconsider ang DST sa New York
[DOINGS] rg: where are you from?
[TEK] oo nga eh hindi pa ko nagbe-breakfast
[CHERYL] nida: oo nga eh. oks lang.
[DOINGS] tita tek: breakfast ka dapat para di na heavy sa lunch
[GOOSE] It’s 3:15 AM here in Hawaii…*whew*
[TEK] give some diet tip doings
***ED HAS JOINED #Donna_Chat
[DOINGS] hi ed
[MARITI] I’m from L.A. and this is my first time to chat online. It’s great!
[ED] Yup
[TEK] inday did u get the card in good condition?
[DOINGS] tita tek: basta eat lang wag lang masyado.
[TEK] that’s my problem i eat masyado hehe
[GOOSE] is BACK!!!
[DOINGS] goose: how r u?
[GOOSE] Hi, Cheryl!
[GOOSE] Doings, can you tell me if there laws in regards to playing your music here in the US? 
[MARITI] BTW thanks for remembering me πŸ™‚
[TEK] uhm, ikaw ha! sabi ko sayo kamuka ni aga eh
[MARITI] Sam is good. Sound asleep. Thanks for asking.
[DOINGS] goose: i have no idea:)
[CHERYL] TEK: talaga ha!
[JASON] Doings: do u have any upcoming movie or album?
[DOINGS] jason: i’ll be filming a new movie soon with onemig and jake roxas
[TEK] oo aga tulog, aga kain siya, hi daw sabi ni irene:hi ate che
[DOINGS] sa album naman wala pa
[INDAY] rg: how can we chat in private? pwede ba yun???
[GOOSE] Well, I have a friend here in Hawaii who’s a DJ for a radio station here and I wanted to ask him how possible it would be to play your music here in Hawaii…
[JASON] Doings: ic! πŸ™‚
[JIJI] Bakit hindi pinapalabas ang videos mo sa MTVAsia?
[MARITI] Doings: So when are you scheduled to come to L.A.?
[TEK/IRENE] talagang ma-AGA ate che (ate che raw o)
[DOINGS] oli:it’s 9:30pm over here
*** Log file closed: 10/12/97 9:10:55 PM
*** Log file opened: 10/12/97 9:13:03 PM
[DOINGS] wb rg!
[INDAY] tita tek: sana pinagising mo siya ng maaga.
[TEK] inday she might kill me, she’s probalby snoaring pa!
[—] Doings: do you have any show(s) this month?
[—] I wish I was fast enough to turn to my Tagalog dictionary…LOL
*** Log file closed: 10/12/97 9:15:16 PM
*** Log file opened: 10/12/97 9:16:00 PM
[GOOSE] And I ask myself why am I interested into all of this Tagalog stuff…my parents think I’m crazy! LOL
[DOINGS] mariti:for vacation
[TEK] naku day! malamig na rito
[CHERYL] RG: Is it hard making the trans?
[JASON] cheryl: yup! dito sa internet…im included in your mailing list…i just change my nick.
[CHERYL] jason: oh, ic. sino ka doon?
[—-] change=changed
[—-] hehehe
[DOINGS] rg:wawa ka naman! laging disco
[TEK] discotero ha!
[INDAY] rg: its cheryl.
[JASON] cheryl: yung may
[DOINGS] brb. magpapalit lang ako ng pangtulog.:)
[INDAY] tek: is irene still there? or tulog na???
[CHERYL] jason: oh, ic. si rex./ wayne?
[Doings]: Is your nightwear pink?
[TEK] she’s still here, no way matutulog yan maski pikit ang mata
[CHERYL] RG: you’re on IRC? thats why.
[RG] cheryl: yup!
[JASON] cheryl: are you from la salle?
[MARITI] Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with RG?
[CHERYL] rg: so thats why you can record everything???? πŸ™‚
[CHERYL] mariti: rG is not using the homepage… he’s on another software… IRC
[TEK] RG, are you using a voice translator?
*** Log file closed: 10/12/97 9:20:21 PM
*** Log file opened: 10/12/97 9:21:10 PM
[TEK] “fink” ba? inday?
[GOOSE] Is it hot in the Philippines?
[DOINGS] ji:it depends. like pag may agang sched ako maaga siyempre pag wala naman. mga 4am na
[JASON] cheryl: doings is wearing baby pink color…
*** Log file closed: 10/12/97 9:22:36 PM
*** Log file opened: 10/12/97 9:24:37 PM
[INDAY] tek: male, as in “male”… DONGS!!!!
[CHERYL] rg: oks lang.
[TEK] oo na mali as in wrong
[GOOSE] Hey Cheryl, I think that the next time we have a chat, we should think of some sort of way to organize the questions
[CHERYL] rg: ang hirap yata ng transcript na ginagawa mo.
[CHERYL] goose: yeah.
[JIJI] Che: Is Inday your nick?
[INDAY] mare: si RG yung sa xmas party ng viva 1994, yung nasa picture dati…
[CHERYL] jiji> yeah, sort of. not really.
[DOINGS] brb
[TEK] Doings: What’s the name of your pampangkin, again?
[INDAY] mare, where is your loverboy?
[CHERYL] doings where could he be?
[TEK] Che: is she still on thephone?
[INDAY] RG,i;m referring to doings when i wrote mare:
[CHERYL] doings is still on the phone.
[CHERYL] rg: its me
[JIJI] Che: Is Inday your cous? sis?
[MARITI] Che: Where are you at?
[CHERYL] jiji: no, its my alter ego.
[JIJI] Inday: Naiintriga ako . . . what’s the relation between you two?
[INDAY] mariti: i’m here at home….. sa living room.
[TEK] ano ba yan dinday, she’s confuz!..
[JIJI] Where’s Mare?
[CHERYL] jiji : inday is me and i am inday.
[CHERYL] nida, are u still there?
[CHERYL] jason, hindi ka na rin nagsasalita
[–] is back!!!
[NIDA] Cheryl, yes I’m still here. Nagpapahinga lang.
[JASON] cheryl: wala akong masabi
[—-] Wala ba itong commercial break?
[TEK] maybe he’s shy like u dinday
[CHERYL] ok, so anong topic natin??? ang tagal ni doings.
[INDAY] I still have classes tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DOINGS] i’m back!!!!!!! sorry ha?! geneva is leaving na kasi for japan tom eh so medyo chikahan kami
[JIJI] Sino pa ang hindi nag-submit ng bio-donna-ta?
[DOINGS] mare: wag ka munang matulog!!!!!!!!
[INDAY] oo nga ji para naman may sponsor
[CHERYL] jiji : marami pa. ayaw yata nila eh.
[—] Jiji: Me
[INDAY] mare: hindi pa, no! kaya nga nagtatanong ako ng pipino,
[—] cheryl: sorry! wrong number
[NIDA] Donna, are you having a new TV show?
[DOINGS] rg: when was this?
[JIJI] that’s what we need most: sponsors, wala pa tayong funds!
[DOINGS] nida: nope.wala pa sa ngayon
[—] Rg just won’t quit, huh?
[TEK] aray ko! natamaan yata ako don dinday, i’ll send it pretty soon
[INDAY] mare: sponsor daw oh. baka pwede U2 or sarisari
[INDAY] tek: natatamaan ka pala…..
[JIJI] Baka puwede rin si Pin Antonio
[DOINGS] mare: i’ll talk to tita shirley about it
[INDAY] baka pwede rrin si Jessie MENDEz!!!
[DOINGS] ji: haha! titgnan ko kung puwede
[INDAY] mare: joke lang yun no!!!
[DOINGS] rg: really? what’s your real name ba? rg rin?
[DOINGS] mare: LOL
[TEK] oo naman hindi naman ako manhid dinday
[INDAY] mare: anong LOL??? hindi ko alam eh.
[TEK] baka puwede mong idonate ang pink gown mo nung Awit Awards.
*** Log file closed: 10/12/97 9:34:01 PM
*** Log file opened: 10/12/97 9:35:21 PM
[CHERYL] gnight jason… goodluck.
[DOINGS] goodnight jason!
[JASON] bye Cheryl!
[JIJI] Sweet Dreams Jason,
[JASON] cheryl: thanks for the email
[TEK] good luck jason
[INDAY] bye jason./.. don’t cheat ok.
[CHERYL] jason: no prob. πŸ™‚
[JASON] u too jiji!!!
[JASON] bye tek!
[DOINGS] God bless you jason!
[CHERYL] rg: aalis ako?
[JASON] Bye everyone. I have to go.
[JIJI] Jason: Magsunog ka na ng kilay
[JASON] bye nida
[JASON] Bye nida! thanks for the time!
[INDAY] jiji : wag kilay no!!! wala kang ibe-bleach…
[—] rg: sina jason and nida
[—] nida, bye!!! thanks for the time
[TEK] ji baka maging literal si jason
[JIJI] tek: baka naman makapal ang kilay niya, huh!
[INDAY] mare, where is ur loverboy????
[DOINGS] mariti: still there?
[TEK] oo nga no ji
***JASON HAS LEFT #Donna_Chat
[DOINGS] mare: sinong loverboy?
[GOOSE] Aloha Jason
[INDAY] mare, si…
**** (name withheld for privacy and protection.)
[TEK] Doings: Please don’t evade the question. Sino ba talaga?
[MARITI] Yeah I’m here. My brain is dead!
[INDAY] jiji: secret lang ng magkumare yun!! hahaha.
[DOINGS] mare: haha! ikaw talaga! may magtatampo niyan sa iyo
[TEK] sino ba talaga tita doings?
[INDAY] mare: eh sino, a si girl.
[DOINGS] mare: haha!
[JIJI] Doings: Please do me a favor. Rate these guys 1-10. Keempee
[DOINGS] tita tek: ayw ko ng showbiz
[INDAY] mare, keemps daw o.
[DOINGS] teka saan sa looks or lahat lahat na
[JIJI] lahat lahat
[INDAY] mare, si keemps…. πŸ™‚
[JIJI] lahat lahat wag lang sa height! doings
[DOINGS] hmmmm…..
[INDAY] “paano na ang ating nakaraan……????” hahaha!
[DOINGS] haha!
[JIJI] come on, give na, mare!
[—] HAHAahaha! How tall are you Doings?
[—] secret .
[TEK] how about munong, how will you rate him mare?
[DOINGS] keempee:7
[—] Jao?
[DOINGS] munong:8
[CHERYL] RG: gonna be making it more alive once i learned JAVA.
[TEK] ay!… kilig
[DOINGS] is 5’4: in height-101lbs
[JIJI] Mare: Jao, please?
[NIDA] Doings: I’d say when you rate them explain why.
[CHERYL] RG: ano bang dapat??? kasi kapag java matagal, kapag active x,
[CHERYL] hindi lahat magvi-view
[DOINGS] jao:7
[—] Wow, how nice! Re: ht & wt
[TEK] Uno?
[JIJI] oo nga naman explain the rate, mare
[INDAY] goose, ask cheryl her height@!!!!!
[DOINGS] 1mig:8
[GOOSE] Well, Cheryl, how tall are u?
[CHERYL] RG: yeah, youre right. teach me naman o… dont have much time kasi eh.
[TEK] aray ko i’m hurt again, pls don’t ask about height ngeh!
[MARITI] Che: 4’10” guess lang
[JIJI] mare, how tall is cheryl?
[DOINGS] hmmm…sabi niyo lahat lahat na.
[CHERYL] mariti: hoy, sobra ka naman!!!!
[—] I’m hurt too! Puwede bang change of topic?
[—] mariti ako yata ang pinariringgan mo
[—] Doings: Morning pls.
[DOINGS] si 1mig cute. si munong-super close kasi kami and mabait si jao-di ko pa masyado kakilala pero ok lang din
[CHERYL] RG: how? when where? may bayad ba?? free na lang.
[MARITI] Che: Sorry, you look so tiny in pcs kasi e
[INDAY] doings, eh si
****? (name withheld for privacy and protection.)
[DOINGS] Jason si keempee-cute din tsaka ok maging kaibigan
[CHERYL] mariti: cute lang talaga ako… πŸ™‚
[TEK] mare, i’ve noticed mabait si munong at super sweet talaga
[INDAY] Hi test.
[DOINGS] mare: mabait sobra! cute din kaya lang kailangan munang maniguro. you know what i mean?:)
[—] Doings, let me ask u a simple question…is it difficult going window shopping at the megamall due to your popularity…I would think people would go crazy seeing people of fame…
[—] Hi teSt? It’s finals week. Don’t you have any exams?
[—] hi teSt
[TEST] hehehe. I graduated last year.
[JASON] What’s so special about him?
[TEK] inday ang humble mo ha
[JIJI] Doings: explain, pls.
[—] TeSt: Just kidding!
[INDAY] is back!!! natutulog lang. zzzzzzzz
[DOINGS] he’s really nice tsaka very intelligent kausap
[TEK] wake up inday, wala kang pasalubong sa kin sige!
[DOINGS] ganda rin ng eyes niya
[JIJI] Doings: Doesn’t he call u anymore? Wala bang follow-up?
[DOINGS] pero friends lang kami
[INDAY] tek: oo na…. i’m awake!!! alive alert, enthusiastic.
[INDAY] mare: “friends lang kami” is very used na….. πŸ™‚
[TEK] o sige anong pasalubong gusto mo?
[DOINGS] mare: ikaw talaga ha!
[CHERYL] RG: Thanks!!!!
[DOINGS] mare: alam mo naman na ayaw ko ng showbiz eh
[JIJI] oo nga naman mare, over used na
[DOINGS] mahirap
[INDAY] mare: ipakilala mo naman ako kina….
[GOOSE] Doings, of what ethnic background are u?
[DOINGS] kanino?
[INDAY] mare: eh di si **** (name withheld for privacy and protection.) na nga!!!! he’s the one for you!!! :>
[JIJI] Doings: When is your manager due back?
[CHERYL] doings ethnic daw oh….
[DOINGS] goose:filipino-spanish
[DOINGS] mare:oo nga eh.haha!
[GOOSE] OIC..thanks
[TEK] What’s that inday?
[INDAY] mare, what does p.m. mean?
[TEK] mare kulit is getting impatient with your abbrev
[MARITI] I’m brain dead. Too early! Is it okay to just observe?
[INDAY] mare: not the real p.m.
[TEK] inday, baka post men
[CHERYL] cheryl to RG> see this?
[—] mariti: Don’t you have to go to work?
[INDAY] tek: malapit na!!!!
[TEK] oo malapit na rin ako.. border line na yata inday
[TEK] Ji: It’s Sunday morning here.
[TEK] RG: Are you in a disco or something.
[—] Mariti: Buti pa kayo, day of rest pa rin.
[CHERYL] cheryl 2 RG> no, disco sa bahay ko, private. πŸ™‚
[GOOSE] This is too much for me, I should go to sleep…its 4:00AM here and I have to get up in @ 5:45
[DOINGS] goose…. not yet!!!
[—-] bye goose
[—-] Goose: I suppose you need your beauty sleep, huh?
[INDAY] goose: take this from me, it will be better if you dont sleep at all.
[GOOSE] I know I seem like a grouch, but my apologies…my patients will feel it when I’m at work…LOL
[—] Ji: Not today. I’m here with you guys.
[INDAY] goose: doctor ka?
[GOOSE] Thanks everyone & I hope to visit the Philippines again soon!
[GOOSE] No, a nurse…
[—] see you soon, goose.
[JIJI] Doings: We should do this more often para masaya!
[—] bye goose
[DOINGS] mare!!!!!!!!!!
[INDAY] doings, goose is “cheryl gose”
[DOINGS] ji: oo nga eh
[—] ic
[INDAY] mare, whats up????
[DOINGS] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!
[GOOSE] BTW, my real name is Cheryl Gose’ but there’s 2 Cheryls in the room…LOL
[JIJI] Che: Pa’no ba yan, mare? Kelan uli?
[DOINGS] wala nangungulit lang.haha!
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!! what? sabihin mo na… secret lang.
[GOOSE] doings, kelan ulit?
[INDAY] mare:haha!
[INDAY] mare did u get my beep(s)?
[—] Doings: Ang galing mo sa “Bituin”
[TEK] kayong dalawa mag-kumare nga
[DOINGS] mare: call me na lang para mapagusapan kung kailan uli
[INDAY] tita tek: hayaan mo pwede rin ikaw…
[DOINGS] ji:anong bituin?
[JIJI] Doings: Isulat sa bituin! Mare talaga!
[DOINGS] mare:oo
[TEK] Doings: Bituin … star?
[TEK] ah ganon ba hindi ko na-getsing eh ji
[—] ji: ah,ok, thanks!:)
[—] Doings: You should do more serious roles
[DOINGS] ji:katatapos ko lang kanina ng bagong telesine mas maganda
[JIJI] with whom?
[DOINGS] with hilda coronel
[DOINGS] puro iyakan
[JIJI] You look a lot like her. Or should it be . . . she looks a lot like you
[DOINGS] mare: haha! meron pero……
[JIJI] Doings: Wala bang love partner?
[DOINGS] ji:wala eh
[—] Nida: Hi back!
[DOINGS] wb nida!!
[TEK] oy exciting yon inday, pakain sa buwaya
[MARITI] Che: ‘you pay your own bills?
[NIDA] Donna, may Canadian suitor ka daw? Parang nameet ko na siya.
[TEK] inday paki pay na rin ang bills ko
[JIJI] Doings: Which would you prefer doing, heavy drama or light comedy, love story?
[DOINGS] nida:wala.
[NIDA] Oh come on
[TEK] i already sent the phone bills sa yo
[DOINGS] ji: light drama.pero gusto ko love story:)
[INDAY] MARITI: nakakahiya naman dito they know how poor i am… πŸ™‚
[DOINGS] nida: sana nga meron eh
[MARITI] Che: need help? Say please!
[DOINGS] nida:pareho kami ni mare na gusto na talagang magaka boyfriend
[INDAY] talaga.:)haha!
[NIDA] hindi ka ba niya binisita this week?
[JIJI] Doings: Will you be doing another movie with JE?
[INDAY] mariti: no, its just my cellphone bills at internet bills…. hehehe.
[TEK] inday i just tried to call rachelle but she’s still asleep
[DOINGS] nida: bakit may alam kang ganyan?
[INDAY] tita tek: try mo ulit please? tell her mom to wake her up
[INDAY] nida: oo nga. may irereto ka ba?
[NIDA] I’m also a banker, you know.
[DOINGS] ji.just recorded a christmas song with him darating siya dito to promote our song
[TEK] nida i used to be a banker too
[JIJI] Nida: who’s the banker?
[NIDA] Tek, really?
[RG ]
[ RG ] to { Cheryl } : i’m using the homepage
[JIJI] Doings: When?
[TEK] yeah, used to be a loan sec
[DOINGS] december pa
[CHERYL] tita tek> pautang.
[RG ]
[ RG ] to { Cheryl } : ya…………..i saw you all
[MARITI] Nida: What’s with bankers? You get a lot of info? Is that it?
[ RG ] to { Cheryl } : kaya lang, sa transcript, blind names pa rin
[TEK] inday, rachelle’s sis answered the phone she sounds galit
[CHERYL] RG: why? bakit blind names?
[NIDA] Mariti: Hindi naman. We just see each other during seminars.
[CHERYL] tek: tell rachelle’s sis its her life!!!!
[JIJI] Doings: Will he be spending Christmas here?
[ RG ] to { Cheryl } : because, all conversation are in the server window, not on the channel window.
[MARITI] Nida: Where are you at?
>>> INDAY has left channel #Donna_Chat
[CHERYL] RG: what does that suppose to mean?
[TEK] inday, she ask me if wanted me to wake her up but i chickened out
[NIDA] Phils
[JIJI] Doings: I bought his album just to hear your duet. It’s really great! Much better than Wish.
*** INDAY has joined channel #Donna_Chat
[NIDA] Mariti: Phils.
[INDAY] im back!!!! πŸ™‚
[DOINGS] ji:ewan ko lang.pag dito siya i’m sure super happy ng mom ko
[JIJI] Doings: E ikaw?
[DOINGS] ji:thanks! mas gusto nga rin namin ni jason yon eh
[ RG ] to { Cheryl } : I don’t know, if i gonna make a chat room for Donna, even you can record the transcript and be a channel operator as well
[CHERYL] RG: just teach me how to do it, ok….
[TEK] doings maka JE pala si tita (tita raw o)
[DOINGS] ji:oo naman pero walang ibig sabihin yon:)
[ RG ] to { Cheryl } : okay
[JIJI] Doings: Nawawala ang boredom ko pag traffic when I hear your songs.
[CHERYL] wala raw ibig sabihin!!!!! uyyyyyyyyyy.
[DOINGS] tita tek:oo.SUPER BOTO SIYA DON!!!!!
[TEK] oo naman rin wala rin akong ibig sabihin mare!
[DOINGS] ji:thanks!
[JIJI] Buti na lang lagi akong may baong walkman!
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[DOINGS] che: haha! ikaw ha?!
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DOINGS] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[TEK] mare nai-chika nga ni inday sa kin
[DOINGS] chika mo?
[MARITI] Doings: I sense your liking for Jason. Would you say it’ll be a lot different if he stays for good?
[INDAY] chika ng ano?
[DOINGS] tita tek: ano ang chinika ni mare sa yo?
[INDAY] i dont vote for jason.
[TEK] mare SECRET!….
[NIDA] me too
[INDAY] mare, dont worry, nothing personal.
[TEK] me three!
[INDAY] tek: did i?
[DOINGS] mare: sino ba ang gusto mo?
[INDAY] we dont vote for jason?
[JIJI] Doings: Does that mean sasagutin mo sana siya kung tagarito siya?
[DOINGS] haha! kayo talaga!
[INDAY] si munong o kaya si
**** (name withheld for privacy and protection.)
[DOINGS] mariti: i only like him as a friend
[TEK] ay! ako medyo kay munong kasi mabait
*** CHERYL has left channel #Donna_Chat
[ rg ] to { cheryl ] : ay alis na sya
[DOINGS] tita tek:si munong ay………
[MARITI] Doings: Like Che said, it’s been said so many times.
[NIDA] Mas boto ako sa half Filipino half Canadian. He looks a perfect gentleman.
[INDAY] nadisco si che.
[DOINGS] haha! TO RG> hi
[TEK] doings, si munong ay si KID
[DOINGS] nida: kialla mo ba siya?
*** JAMES has joined channel #Donna_Chat
[NIDA] Yes. I met him already.
[JAMES] hi ! i am cheryl’ s handsome brother.
[DOINGS] talaga? paano?
[TEK] mare oo nga kainis!
[DOINGS] hi james!!!!
*** J has joined channel #Donna_Chat
[JAMES] hi ate doings.
[TEK] hi james
[DOINGS] tita tek:ayoko talaga ng showbiz guy
[NIDA] Donna: Sa seminar
[JAMES] si ate, kaaway ko, lagi akong inaaway. πŸ™‚
[DOINGS] james: bakit naman?
[DOINGS] hi j
[TEK] james saan ka inaaway, sumbong mo sa kin at akong bahala
[TEK] mare sorry, i won’t ask about KID anymore
[JAMES] lagi akong inaasar…. favorite kasi niya ako eh. my twin brother is already sleeping…
[TEK] fav ka naman pala ni ate che (ate che raw O) don’t complain
[MARITI] BRB ba tayong lahat?
[ RG ] to { Doings } : nasaan si Cheryl
[TEK] james anong ginagawa ni inday?
*** nida has left channel #Donna_Chat
[J] helo ate doings
[MARITI] Che: Inday!!!
[TEK] bye nida
[JIJI] Hi J!
[TEK] hin j
[J] helo jiji
[J] helo everybody
[MARITI] Where’s Inday?!!!
[JIJI] J: How old are u? You sound so young! RG> hello J
[TEK] mareng donnay inaantok ka na ba, sana hindi fah
[INDAY] hi mariti.
[DOINGS] tita tek:sanay ako sa puyatan
[MARITI] Inday: Where were you? rg>
[rg] : Donna, sanay ka sa puyatan
[JAMES] test
[TEK] ay day, magkasundo tayo, i work at night kasi eh
[INDAY] marit:here i am/….
[J] tek: hind na ako yang
[JIJI] Doings: is it OK to visit your tapings?
[INDAY] hi J!!!!!
[INDAY] J is for??? rg>
[rg] : what time is it …………..
[jiji] Jack?
[J] hi inday
[J] phil. 1030 na.
[jiji] Jordan?
[Doings] junior? eng!!
[Doings] haha!
[Mariti] Doings: I’ll visit too ha?
[inday] 10:30 pm….
[tek] jak in the box?
[Doings] mariti: oo ba rg>
[rg] to Donna : anong oras na dyan
[inday] J is for……….. Jake Roxas?
[Doings] hahaha!
[Doings] naks naman!
[J] no.
[jiji] Janno Gibbs?
[Doings] 10:30 dito
[J] no
[inday] jiji> nice guess.
[Doings] jimmy santos?
[J] J for J
[inday] joey de leon.
[J] no
[Mariti] Doings: ambilis ng sagot mo. You know I can’t!
[J] j 4 j
[tek] haha
[inday] mare: ive thought of jimmy tooo.
[Doings] mariti:oo nga eh
[jiji] Jay Everly? rg>
[rg] to Donna : Wow……..puro artista =)
[Doings] haha!
[inday] Jojo Veloso?
[Doings] hahahaha!
[jiji] Inday: I liked that!
[Doings] jojo veloso hahahaha!
[tek] ako rin
[inday] ano ba J????
[J] j 4 j only
[inday] sige ka, murder na yung guesses ko.
[tek] naku baka matawag tayo sa senate nyan
[Doings] jomar cruz?
[inday] Jograd dela torre
[Mariti] Doings: I’ll hold you to it sige. I’ll show up one day.
[inday] mare: tell your kuya i like their new song…somehow you and me
[Doings] mariti: COOL!!!!!! SANA NGA
[jiji] JV Gayoso, maybe? Cool
[Doings] mare:oo ba! sama ka minsan.nood tayo sa kanila
[tek] mare ano nang band name ang kuya mo?
[inday] mare, sama mo ako sa taping…. P.A. mo ako.
[J] hinid, J as in J.
[jiji] Sama naman kami!
[Doings] tita tek: MYSTERY
[inday] mare: i;m shy.
[Doings] ji: oo ba!!!!
[james] james fell asleep…..
[james] bye!
[Doings] inday: shy….KUNO!!!
*** james has left channel #Donna_Chat
[jiji] Puwede bang mag-apply kahit asst. PA o kaya taga-sagot ng fanmails?
[inday] mare: diba????
[tek] uhmm shy ka na naman, shy-maarte ha!
[Doings] tita tek:hahahahaha! ok yun ha
[inday] mare, kita tayo sa oct. 27… pwede ba?
[Doings] mare:saan?ano yon?
[inday] tita tek: kung kilala mo lang ako.
[tek] puwede rin, buysung mo ko ng ticket
[Doings] ji:haha!
[Mariti] What’s on the 27th?
[jiji] O kaya tagadala ng oxygen, puwede rin!
[inday] mare: wala, kasi first time we met was oct. 27 2 years ago at SM southmalll… remeber?
[Doings] ji:hahahahahaha!
[tek] inday, iniinggit mo ba ko
[inday] mare: remember?????
[inday] tita tek, umuwi ka dito.
[Doings] mare:ay! oo nga no?:) pag wala kong sched labas tayo sige
[Mariti] So anniversary niyo! Che ha.
[jiji] I don’t mind if the oxygen’s heavy, hikain din kasi ako!
[Doings] mare:happy anniversary! nye!!! haha!
[tek] uy ay 2 yrs na kayo ha, going strong?
[inday] mare: talaga did u remember sa backstage? nagpasign ako sa iyo? sabi ko ako si Cheryl your #1 fan from las PINAS??
[jiji] Makikigamit na rin ng oxygen at the same time rg> rg to doings : kailan ka babalik dito
[tek] ji may asthma ka rin vah?
[inday] RG: doings is here na… manila.
[Doings] mare: oo naman.sabi ko pa nga ay! ikaw ba yon? na receive ko yung letter mo:)
[jiji] Tek: meron din. rg> rg to inday : ooppps………….sorry
[inday] mare: you remebered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m soooooo happy.
[Doings] mare:oo naman no!!!!!!!
[tek] ay bongga! meron din ang sis and my niece eh
[inday] mare, did i grow at all?
[Doings] rg:akala ko naman wala ka dito
[Doings] haha!
[inday] tita tek, doings remembered the first time we met 2 years ago!!!!!!! rg> Donna, sorry, akala ko rin wala ka dito sa pinas
[tek] mare donnay wag masyadong tawa baka kabagan! rg> Donna, I’m here at my home, sa pinas syEmpre, sorry people =)
[inday] mare, did u keep my picture???
[Doings] mare: sa height hmmm..medyo pero as a person…..oo naman:)
[Doings] haha!
[jiji] Doings: Puwedeng humingi ng pix?
[Doings] rg:ok lang no
[J] Ok lang tumawa kaysa umiyak; pero minsan ok rin umiyak
[TEK] naku ha! kinukutuban na ko sa inyo ha, sino ba sa inyo?
[DOINGS] ji: oo ba.paano?
[—] j: i agree!
[—] Doings: Ako rin ha? pix?
[—] I’ll send you my address thru emails, is that OK? I’ll even give you a phone # if you want
[INDAY] tita tek> maybe rachelle’s awake na…
[DOINGS] mariti:oo naman. sabihin niyo lang kung saan ko ipapadala
[—] ji:oo ba
[INDAY] doings, may taga mail ba ng letters mo.
[—] Doings: I’ll email you tonight.
[—] mare ako rin ha, pic mo
[RG] Donna : what is your favorite color, kasi para sa chat homepage na gagawin ko.
[—] Doings: Whatever Ji says. Same here.
[DOINGS] nalilito na ako
[DOINGS] haha!
[TEK] rg naman “fink” nga eh
[TEK] Doings: Sabi ko sayo, mag-aapply akong tagasagot ng mails. Libre, free of charge
[—] pink
[DOINGS] oo ba tita tek
[DOINGS] e-mail niyo sa akin
[INDAY] mare, sama ako sa pictorial na lang.
[JIJI] inday, ang kulit mo talaga si mare na lang sa showbiz ikaw talaga.
[DOINGS] rg: fav colors ko are pink,red,earth colors din tsaka kung color nga silang matatawag,black and white
[MARITI] Che: Just don’t be in the picture ha?
[DOINGS] ji:haha!
[DOINGS] mariti:haha!
[—] Doings: Thanx for your gracious heart. Wala na ring magparecopy ng pix, no!
[INDAY] tita tek, is irene still there?
[DOINGS] mare:oo ba!!!!!
[TEK] oo alive and kickin, inday
[INDAY] MARITI: watch out ….. baka someday may pic kami ni doings.
[—] I mean, repro of pix is so expensiv
[DOINGS] mare:pa-picture tayo kay raymond
[INDAY] tek: and breathing? and eating? breakfast?
[INDAY] mare, baka naman too expensive magka-utang na naman ako niyan πŸ™‚
[TEK] oo mareng doings ay lito ako Donna : do you have a picture na naka-upo sa floor, cross legs, pero white or plain colored background
[—] Who’s Raymond?!
[JIJI] Raymond Isaac?
[DOINGS] mare: hindi no.sama ka nga sa akin eh.i-re-request ko sa kanya kahit na polaroid lang
[INDAY] mariti: raymund isaac photographer.
[DOINGS] ji:yes
[INDAY] mare: eh paano ko ipapa-life size yun?
[DOINGS] rg: why?pero hahanap ako
[INDAY] mare: ididisplay ko kasi sa labas ng bahay namin eh.
[—] sinabi mo kanina nguya ng nguya farang cow
[—] International record naman diyan!
[—] Sorry I don’t live there anymore, remember?
[DOINGS] mare: sige ako ang bahala Donna : I’m planing to put your picture on a white background besides the future chatroom mo.
[TEK] inday marami bang goons sa inyo?
[—] ji:oo nga eh.sana
[INDAY] mare: nakakahiya naman sa yo … πŸ™‚
[—] Are you willing to live in the States for that?
[INDAY] tek: yeah. super dami.
[—] wag ka nang mahiya wala ka naman nun eh
[—] I heard that those who have international records have to live there to give concerts every week
[DOINGS] Mare: naku naman! meron ka pa ba non. haha! j/k wag kang mahiya no. mare nga kita eh di ba? Donna : if you have, i’m gonna scan it on a flat bed scanner then after that, i’ll start working on it.
[—] Just to get recognized
[DOINGS] ji: gusto ko ngang tumira diyan eh pag ayoko na sa showbiz
[DOINGS] rg: sige.hahanap ako pero kung wala paano?
[—] o sige! Donna : may up-coming pictorial ka ba
[JIJI] Do you still intend to go to school?
[DOINGS] rg:katatapos lang ng pictorial ko for sarisari
[—] ji thaT’s a good question
[DOINGS] meron uli next week Donna : okay………plain ba ang background mo doon
[JIJI] We’ve heard that you’ve had plans to go to UP, sayang, classmates sana tayo!
[DOINGS] ji:yes. next year.hopefully up international studies
[INDAY] DOings, : Lasalle na lang. DLSU! Inday, sandali lang ha =)
[DOINGS] mare: puwede rin
[JIJI] Have you taken the UPCAT yet?
[TEK] Dito na lang UCLA!
[INDAY] Mare, tuesday nandyan ka ba? para sa entrance forms.
[DOINGS] rg:hahanap pa akopero paano kung wala?
[TEK] inday kulit mo talaga, doings dito na lang sa cal state
[JIJI] OK rin sa LaSalle, para mas madali kang grumadweyt!
[INDAY] ji: What do u mean?????
[—] mariti: haha! sana nga
[DOINGS] i love l.a. Donna : well………? “isip”……Hmmmm?………….
[JIJI] Inday: Mean what?
[—] ji:hindi pa eh.
[—] uhm.. may isip pa ba joke lang
[INDAY] madaling ga-graduate… ah dahil trimester.
[MARITI] You do! Let’s do dinner? Donna : kahit na ano, basta whole body……….
[JIJI] Sa LaSalle, trimester kasi. Donna : bahala ka na
[DOINGS] rg:ok:)
[JIJI] Sayang, tapos na kasi ang entrance exams. We should have talked sooner. I could have sent you a copy
[DOINGS] mariti: πŸ™‚
[INDAY] mare, pasok ka next year, freshman ako senior na….
[DOINGS] mare:oo nga no.hahahaha!
[—] So….
[—] pwedeng mag-special exams sa DLSU Donna : I have a place that you can drop by ang leave the pictures for scanning.
[INDAY] mare: freshman blues… pero kahit senior ako mas malaki ka pa rin sa akin. πŸ™‚
[JIJI] Mariti: That means you can graduate within three years.
[DOINGS] mariti:oo ba pagnandiyan na ko:) Donna : the place is in Robinson’d galleria
[TEK] inday obvious naman eh, mukang classmate tayo sa ht
[DOINGS] rg:sige.e-mail mo na lang sa akin
[—] I’ll wake up early tom. I need to buy MIM! Baka maubusan!
[MARITI] Doings: How would I know kung nandito kana?
[INDAY] JIJI: not exactly.. it depends on the course…. like me 4 yrs pa rin Donna : what is your email, yung direct sa iyo
[INDAY] Doings, would u like to mention sa MOVIE idol magazine itong homepage at DC Intl?
[DOINGS] mariti: give me your e-mail address para i e-mail ko na lang sayo Donna: wait, okay lang ba dito
[INDAY] mare, where is ****? (name withheld for privacy and protection.)
[MARITI] Doings: That’s good enough. You want it now?!
[DOINGS] mare:oo ba.sige isusulat ko
[DOINGS] mariti:ok:)
[INDAY] you should have a grand DC convention sa L.A.
[TEK] inday ha! i’ll call u long distance uli para ma chika mo sa kin yang
**** na yan ha!
[INDAY] tek: private eh.
[—] Doings: Hindi ba tuloy ang concert mo sa States?
[INDAY] tek: sorry. nothing much about it. friends lang sila.
[TEK] i know baka sakali hehehe inday
[INDAY] J is still here??? hello J!
[—] hello j
[INDAY] tek: im just teasing her. Donna : I’m gonna e-mail at ?
[—] helo
[MARITI] Hey Che! How tall are you?
[DOINGS] mare:ok lang di ko na siya nakausap eh
[INDAY] RG: no, its mariti’s email.
[INDAY] 5’1″ ++
[—] no rg
[JIJI] Doings: Hindi na ba tuloy ang US Tour mo? oooooppppsssssss.
[MARITI] Wow! may pa ++ pa!
[TEK] inday buti ka pa umabot sa 5″ Donna : I’ll give you my e-mail nalang
[DOINGS] ji: next year pa
[INDAY] mariti: kasi 5’1″ was 2 years ago.
[DOINGS] ok:) then e-mail ko rin sa iyo
[INDAY] mariti: i might have grown at least 1 centimeter.
[TEK] charing mo inday ha
[—] Won’t you be having a regular TV show?
[DOINGS] mare:haha!
[INDAY] tek: totoo yun ha!
[DOINGS] mare: di bale.pretty ka naman eh Donna : my e-mail address
[ ]
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[INDAY] mare, you always say that. how come others dont?
[DOINGS] ji:wala pa sa ngayon pero may plans
[—] After your exit from GU, we kinda miss you on TV every week.
[TEK] o ayan mutual talaga kayo, inday:doings
[INDAY] mare, i miss villa quintana. its been a part of me.
[INDAY] tek: ano yung mutual?
[DOINGS] mare:ako nga rin eh
[TEK] drama mo inday,
[INDAY] tek: ano yung mutual?
[DOINGS] ji: oo nga eh. miss ko na rin yung grupo pero maliit lang kasi ang role ko don eh
[—] What about the telesine you were supposed to do with JE? Donna : I’
[TEK] inday mutual sa lahat lahat like admiration
[—] Doings: How lucky these people naman to see you all the time. Pa’no naman me?
[INDAY] tek: you mean? hindi ko magets.
[—] I think your exit from GU would be better. Ikaw pa kasi ang naintriga.
[DOINGS] rg: basta e-mail ko na lang k?
[INDAY] mariti: your time will come. Donna : okay
[—] mariti: magkikita rin tayo!
[—] taga l.a. ka naman eh
[DOINGS] super inlove ako sa l.a. ewan ko ba
[DOINGS] mare: that’s OUR song
[JIJI] What’s with LA ba?
[TEK] wag mo ng i-try ma-gets. gutom lang yan
[—] Mine too.
[DOINGS] ji: basta,super enjoy lang ako don
[RG] wow…………inday is singing
[TEK] aray ang sakit sa tenga, inday
[MARITI] I never saw a single episode of GU. I have no idea what it was actually!
[INDAY] TEK: u shoukd hear me.
[JIJI] Does that have something to do with the milkshake, Mare?
[DOINGS] will i spend a lifetime searching endlessly…..
[—] sjhoukd as in should
[JIJI] Doings: Remember the milkshake???
[INDAY] for that someone to hold , and call my own…
[DOINGS] ji:milkshake??
[DOINGS] oh where could he be??….
[—] Doings: Yung masarap na milkshake sa LA, remember?
[INDAY] heaven help him find his way to me……:
[TEK] hi doings, i’m tita tek’s beautiful niece (raw O)
[inday] a q for everyone: what will you do if you think you are falling in love with someone , pero you think he’s not worthy coz hes not perfect?
[INDAY] “…where could he be???
[DOINGS] ji: a oo nga super!!!!!
[TEK] pahinga muna si tita tek
[DOINGS] rg:ok:)
[DOINGS] tita tek:ok
[INDAY] hi irene
[RG] Donna : stand by muna ako dito, I’ll be back people…………
[INDAY] doings, tek is now, tita tek’s niece, IRENE.
[TEK] hi ate che
[INDAY] RG> yup.
[RG] rg> Donna : gutom ako eh……….=)
[J] his way will soon be your way… he’s just there hanging on….. waiting for you to see him
[INDAY] irene, dont call me ate che… mas malaki ka pa sa akin eh.
[JIJI] Doings: Or maybe the movie “Scream” holds special memories, huh?
[DOINGS] j: naks naman!:)
[DOINGS] What’s with L.A.? We’ve got beaches, ski slopes, amusement parks, Hollywood…. and much more! Great clubs!
[DOINGS] ji: paano mo nalaman?
[TEK] sa height pwede pa pero sa age hindi
[DOINGS] mariti: oo nga eh
[INDAY] irene, ask anything from doings.
[JIJI] Doings: Don’t deny yourself. I’ve had it from the horses’ mouth.
[DOINGS] rg:sige kain ka na.kain mo na lang ako:)
[J] his feelings are all inside like a river flowing in an endless circle
[INDAY] i’m starving…. i’ll get some food too…. want some?
[DOINGS] ji: di naman ako mag di-deny eh
[DOINGS] nanood nga kami sa house ng tita ko
[JIJI] That’s good.
[DOINGS] gulat lang ako nalaman mo
[TEK] mag-deny vah, ate doings
[DOINGS] mare: sige!!!!! food!!!!
[JIJI] Regular subscriber ata ako ng MIM!
[DOINGS] haha! di no
[DOINGS] kaya lang wala pa talaga
[DOINGS] ahhh.ok:)
[RG] Donna : wait lang ha……………..
[DOINGS] friend mo si mimi?
[DOINGS] rg:ok
[DOINGS] irene: kung meron na,pagmamalaki ko pa:)
[INDAY] i bought a cappucinno cream cake for everyone.
[TEK] vistit ka naman dito sa long beach, california doings
[DOINGS] mare:yummy!!!!!!
[MARITI] Doings: My husband is here beside me. He says hi.
[TEK] give me some ate che:)
[J] circles are endless path for the endless water inside my heart, waiting for someone to make an opening, my love to flow out
[INDAY] mare: have some. i like sweets.. super.
[DOINGS] tita tek: oo ba.o kaya bisitahin niyo ako pag sa LA NA AKO
*** NSS has joined channel #Donna_Chat
[DOINGS] mariti:what’s your husband’s name?
[—] Mariti: Hi husband too
[—] hi nss
[TEK] ok mare, i’ll give you my new pager no. just change it yesterday, i email ko na lang sa yo
[—] hi nss!
[MARITI] They call him Roro but I call him Rustico. He just walk up by the way!
[NSS] Hi donna! How’s life?
[DOINGS] hi roro!
[INDAY] munch… munch… munch….
[—] inday, i’m starving pahingi naman
[TEK] Inday: Puwedeng humingi? I’m hungry na rin
[INDAY] tek: if only i could!!!!
[DOINGS] mare:wag kang mang-inggit! diet ako
[—] Parang kanta yun a
[INDAY] how can i pass it on to everyone????
[INDAY] mare: diet din ako. Donna : I’m back, hello people
[DOINGS] mare: nyeee!!!!
[—] wb rg!
[Doings: What’s your weight nowadays?
[INDAY] my mom is getting mad at me… gabi na raw….. Donna : thanks
[TEK] mares: diet din ako kaya lang wa epek pls help
[MARITI] You’re on diet?! Your tiny! Che too? I don’t believe you guys!
[INDAY] mariti: my weight is barely 90. Donna : wait lang, i have to munch my sandwitch……
[TEK] inday, say hello to mom she answered the phone when i called you di ba?
[DOINGS] basta low in fat high in protein diet lang ok yon
[INDAY] basta high in sweets okay lang.
[DOINGS] mare: naku! wawa ka naman. sige! ok lang pag kailngan mo ng matulog
[J] when the stars shine, a man shows the stars what he really feels, when stars shine, a woman is faced with with the man’s love. but what is the problem? you may ask. the woman denies that the man loves her; cares for her; the woman is unable to see what is obvious; she denies what kind of reality is at hand
[—] Whoah, J!
[NSS] Donna: Mukhang mas bagay sa iyo ang mas mataba nang kaunti
[JIJI] Doings: Is it ok if I submit in a storyline for your next movie?
[TEK] thanks, mareng d kaya lang ang hirap talaga blousy na ang tiyan ko
[DOINGS] ji: ok yun.
[JIJI] mare, i agree with NSS medyo bagay ang konting wt pa
[DOINGS] nss: yikes! ayoko ng tumaba uli
[JIJI] Where do I submit it? To you?
[—] Konti lang naman
[DOINGS] thanks you pero hirap kasing magpapayat eh
[DOINGS] ji:ok rin or sa office
[—] umalis na si NSS
[DOINGS] nss: sabagay.pero ok lang naman ang weight ko ngayon eh
[—] bye NSS
[JIJI] Or maybe I could compose a song for you. Kaya lang hindi ako marunong mag-piano. Puwede bang lyrics lang?
[DOINGS] nadisco siguro
[J] is it rich or poor that separates man? Is it fame and shame that blocks man? No, it is not it is man’s perception, both man and woman, that separates what is not supposed to be separated =)
[INDAY] wow, romeo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DOINGS] my romeo!!!!!
[TEK] and juliet!…inday
[IRENE] request ni irene, ano raw ang nadisco doings
[DOINGS] tita tek:disconnect
[MARITI] O may dumaang bang angel? So quiet!
[TEK] oh ic gets na, doings thanks
[INDAY] j: what’s your name?
[INDAY] J: you’re from?
[J] when one hears a lady sings, he can never resist but praise. When a man sings for a woman the woman might understand, but sometimes a man sings not with the lyrics of a song but with the melody that accompanies it.
[—] baka joey marquez? doings
[INDAY] J : where are you from?
[INDAY] J : i’d like to get to know you better. where are u from?
[DOINGS] j : πŸ™‚
[—] Who is J!!!!
[—] J is for Jack… and Jill???
[—] don’t be shy j
[J] is it imperative for a man to reveal his name? what is important is that a man can express his name in though rather than in letters
[—] J: you’re in the real world.
[J] shyness is never a virtue if one has nothing to be shy of hello J, what is your real name
[—] oh really?
[INDAY] when a man doesn’t want to be known, either he is really shy or he is …
[J] reality is what makes man blind, that is why we often deny reality to see the illusions of the world
[—] Makata si J ha. Scary ba? Or weird? why J, cute message, but its easy to tell your name =)
[—] mariti, i think everything
[—] Doings: I liked your own rendition of Candle in the Wind 1997. Very inspiring
[INDAY] You;re so mysterious, J. i think i know who you are.
[—] Doings: Pls. make kuwento of your Canada tour.
[—] But you know what? He’s got everybody’s attention! Which I think is what he wants. Right!
[DOINGS] ji:thanks!
[JIJI] Did you stay at a hotel?
[DOINGS] ji: masaya. enjoy ako.ang bait ng mga pinoys.
[DOINGS] ji:yup
[JIJI] How many songs did you sing?
[J] to know me is to face reality; for i do not hide behind the shadow but show myself in the light
[DOINGS] 12 songs
[JIJI] whoah!!!!
[INDAY] J : i think i know who you are πŸ™‚
[—] Nangatog ba ang boses mo? Isn’t that kind of short? Donna : naku, edi pinag kakagulohan ka nga mga fans mo sa Canada
[DOINGS] grabe!!!!
[DOINGS] rg: ok naman.bait nila
[TEK] mareng donnay, when in nov are you gonna be here so i could arrange my skeds (wiz charing!
[DOINGS] ji: medyo.nakakaba naman talaga eh
[JIJI] Were you accompanied by a live band? Parang bitin yata ang twelve songs?
[DOINGS] tita tek:haha! chika ka talaga!
[J] if you think u know me then let it stay that way what is important is that my message is know for me to share to all
[—] J: Makata ka ba or what?
[TEK] oo nga doings eh MANA kay che
[DOINGS] ji: hindi eh.pero puro medley kasi kaya mahaba
[INDAY] tita tek, ano yung mana?
[JIJI] May kodigo ba ang lyrics or was it all in the mind?
[INDAY] tita tek, try to call rachelle again, baka umabot pa siya.
[DOINGS] ji: kabisado lahat.ok naman
[TEK] naku inday, gutom ka pa ba? mana sa ka-chikahan mo
[J] i may consider myself a poet for if only i can write poems; a writer if i can write; and a man if i can express myself jiji : sino ba itong J na ito
[—] Whoah, Baby! J, What’s going on man?!
[J] the whole world knows only it denies.
[—] RG: I don’t know him personally, but i think he gives our cyberchat a sparkle of wisdom.
[—] sino ba talaga si J?
[TEK] inday, we’re trying right now maski sigawan kami para sa yo
[INDAY] inaantok na ako.
[J] the whole world knows only it is blind
[DOINGS] mare: ok lang.wawa ka naman
[J] doings: soon you’ll know me
[JIJI] How did you find Canada, aside from the fact that it’s cold?
[TEK] oh inday don’t sleep rachelle is on the line with me
[DOINGS] ji:very clean J : pnm is in real but the other is still buffering for perfection
[JIJI] Doings: What’s your criteria in finding a boyfriend?
[DOINGS] J:how soon?
[J] If i make an impression in the hearts of men, and change them to their best then i am ready to face the world; the world of God
[INDAY] TITA TEK: tell rachelle to come over.
[J] very soon
[DOINGS] ji: wala naman eh kasi minsan sa exact opposite ka pa ma i-inlove ano ba yan, coming soon parang pelikula huh!!! J : pnm can be real but the other will still take time for perfection.
[INDAY] mare: i agree! i should tell u my story siguro.
[MARITI] Doings: J’s got your attention now, huh? Careful ka…
[TEK] katawa ka talaga che
[DOINGS] mare:sige! jiji : uuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyy…………………….
[JIJI] Doings: Kailangan siguro ang theme song mo “As long as you love me”
[DOINGS] mariti: haha! oo nga eh
[INDAY] para talaga siyang pelikula coming soon!!!!! haaaaaaaaaay. ehem.
[DOINGS] ji:haha! oo nga no?
[J] perfection is in the hearts of men
[INDAY] mare: wag na dito nakakahiya eh.
[TEK] doings, rachelle m wants to know if you get her email
[—] can I ask all of you a question? anybody can answer Donna : i’ll protect you here
[INDAY] mare: rachelle is my closest friend from your circle of fans.
[MARITI] QUIT IT J! SOBRA NA, HA!!! J : perfection is on the capacity by buffering, right
[INDAY] mariti: lets leave J alone na lang.
[DOINGS] tita tek: oo.nag-e-mail na rin ako ha
[INDAY] mare: did u get rachelle’s email?
[DOINGS] mare:oo. nagreply na ako
[DOINGS] nareceive ba niya?
[—] Doings: did you receive my two emails? rg: sorry to offend you, but if i am to offend anyone of you here then i choose to stay quite for i do not mean to bring harm
[INDAY] TEK: tell rachelle i miss her.
[INDAY] TEK: tell rachelle i got 50 emails for her.
[MARITI] Che: Sam is up and she says hi. J : when you encode, it’s up to you, check the capacity for perfection.
[INDAY] Mariti: HI SAM!!!
[—] J: I was kidding.
[TEK] doings when did you sent it, rachelle wants to know
[INDAY] mare: si SAM yung daughter ni mariti, who sleeps w/ your cd.
[—] j:it’s alright.:)
[MARITI] Yup! That’s her alright!
[J] i want to tell you what perfection really is but it may not be the time
[DOINGS] tita tek: matagal na ha
[DOINGS] di kaya mali yung address?
[INDAY] then when is the time, J? when donna already has a husband?
[J] I am here to share with you what i have discovered here in this nice little world j : ?
[TEK] rachelle will check her email at school doings
[INDAY] or J thinks he has all the time in this world?
[—] mariti left na?
[TEK] inday, rache hasn’t recd your 50 emails, latest was with the one with poem
*** ay alis na si Mariti
[—] why did mariti leave?
[J] rg: i ask for ur forgiveness if I have offended you
[INDAY] TEK: tell her im just joking…. pero medyo marami yung sinulat ko
[—] mare: baka nadisconnect si mariti.
[—] ah ok
[TEK] inday, whe only recd 2 pages of your email J : you are forgiven, just follow the way we dance okay. J : =)
[TEK] inday, how’s ***** (name withheld for privacy and protection.) ? sabi ni rache pero paano na raw si JULIUS?
[J] the sun will never set as long as no one wll never let it set J : ?
[INDAY] TEK: tell rachelle LOKA!!! mahilig siya kay ***** (name withheld for privacy and protection.) friends lang naman kami nun.
[TEK/RACHELLE] friends or driver baga! hahaha Hello TEK, just want to say hi again
[TEK] doings anong oras ka raw gumigising sabi ni rachelle
[TEK] hi also rg
[—] Doings: What’s your sked for tomorrow? Any tapings? Donna: diba, sanay ka sa puyatan
[DOINGS] tita tek: depende sa sched,pag wala mga 11am
[DOINGS] rg:oo naman
[INDAY] TITA TEK: ask rachelle if she misses me.
[TEK] ay ang aga, ako 12:30 noon hahaha
[DOINGS] j:can you at least tell me where you’re from? Donna : hanggang saan ba?
[DOINGS] tita tek:grabe!!! haha!
[J] the days shall pass but our thoughts will not, so impart to this world what you want man to remember you of
[TEK] ikaw ha baka magselos si mareng donnay 2 timer ka
[J] doings: why do you ask
[—] J: What’s with your mysterious air ba?
[DOINGS] j:just for knowing’s sake J :rember what i told you!!!! J :remember what i told you……… rg:hanggang saan ang alin?
[—] doings masyadong puet..ic pa impress baga
[INDAY] TITA TEK: did rachelle answered my question? J : just follow the way we dance………remember………
[TEK] ah ok yun lang ang sabi ni rache
[J] i do not mean to impress anybody, sorry for everybody who is again offended
[INDAY] TITA TEK: how come rachelle does not miss anyone? J : just say it………
[TEK] ay hurt ka ba? matigas lang daw siya ewan ko lang kung ano yung matigas
[—] wb mariti!!
[—] mariti wb!!! Welcome back Martiti
[MARITI] Hi guys! What did I miss? ako rin mariti
[TEK] doings ok ka lang?
[INDAY] TITA TEK: sorry kung translator ka na namin ni rachelle ha. Mariti : pinag-uusapan namin kung anong oras gumigising siya
[DOINGS] tita tek:ok lang:)
[INDAY] TITA TEK: tell rachelle i miss her (again.)
[TEK] ok lang i’ll bill you guys later, maski magkaroon ako ng stiff neck dahil nasa shoulder ko ang phone!..
[TEK] ok ulit sabi ni rache
[INDAY] TITA TEK: you’re so wonderful! Wow…..ang galing nyo naman
[MARITI] Sorry, I got disconected. Rg are you referring to Sam? She usually wakes up at 9.
[INDAY] TITA TEK: tell rachelle i dont miss her at all
[TEK] but of course dahlin, kaya tita tek eh
[TEK] now she’s HURT Nyek!, Inday, bakit naman
[DOINGS] mare:bakit naman? aaaaaayyyyyyyyy…………
[TEK] doings gising ka pa ba?
[—] hi rachelle!
[INDAY] TITA TEK: is she? i;’m just wondering why she doesnt say “i miss you” to anyone.
[DOINGS] tita tek:oo naman
[INDAY] mare: what are u referring to?
[INDAY] mare: si rachelle ba?
[DOINGS] mare: yung sinabi mo kay tita tak
[DOINGS] tek pala haha!
[DOINGS] mare:oo
[—] paki explain raw ang is she? si Donna pa, sanay sa puyatan, lalo na rito…….=)
[DOINGS] rg: sanay ka rin sa puyatan?
[INDAY] TITA TEK : just tell her i miss her so much eventhough she does not miss me, she’s still my special friend. πŸ™‚ send her a hug from me.
[DOINGS] rg:how old r u na ba? Donna: oo, syempre, tulad mo rin………..
[INDAY] mare: kasi si rachelle she never tell anyone “i miss you”. eh namimiss ko na yung bruha na yun eh. Donna : nakakahiya naman dito…………..
[DOINGS] ji: ok ka pa ba diyan?
[DOINGS] rg:bakit?
[TEK] doings, can’t wait to see u here and if you don’t mind she’ll email u again to verify the addi
[JIJI] I’m getting kinda sleepy . . .
[DOINGS] tita tek:ok:)
[JIJI] Wala ba diyang pampagising?
[DOINGS] ji: talaga? ok:) Donna : kasi, mas-matanda ako sa iyo…….
[JIJI] ji: gawin mo yung ginagawa ko sa doremi Donna : I’m to shy to tell here…………
[TEK TO INDAY] naluluhaluha na raw siya and that she misses you also o masaya ka na?
[DOINGS] rg:so???? ok lang no
[INDAY] TITA TEK: yeS! tell her i’m very happy right now. thanks tita tek.
[JIJI] Ano? Kakanta ng “In the name of love, before you break my neck?” Donna : you know naman I’m working at RX93.1, right
[DOINGS] ji:haha! hindi no. yung pukpok sa mukha.magigising ka don kung lalakasan mo:)
[JIJI] “este, back pala! Nananakit na ang likod ko, mga mare!
[INDAY] TITA TEK: is irene still there? hi irene!
[INDAY] i’m sleepy na…..
[DOINGS] rg: sige na nga ok lang.
[MARITI] Don’t you get pimples when you don’t get enough sleep?
[INDAY] i hate morning classes…….
[DOINGS] mare: sige! ok lang.wawa ka naman.
[TEK] i’m happy she’s happy ang babaw raw ng kaligayahan mo sabi ni rache and don’t go to sleep
[INDAY] mariti: i hardly get pimples. my skin is flawless… joke lang πŸ™‚ Donna : nyee………tampo ka ba…….
[DOINGS] rg:hindi no:)
[INDAY] TITA TEK: tell her talagang mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko… my friends.
[DOINGS] mariti: oo.minsan
[INDAY] mare: ayoko pang matulog.
[MARITI] Inday: Right, you still have to go to school, huh? My skin is too!
[JIJI] This sure is back-breaking work. Wala bang break?
[DOINGS] mare:yehey!!!!!!
[TEK] yes irene is still hee inday, iniisnab mo raw si kulit pag may tinanong sa yo kaya hurt siya
[INDAY] mariti: yes, and right now, i only have 5 hours of sleep if i sleep now.
[DOINGS] mare:wala ba raw break?haha! ok yon ji ha!
[INDAY] TEK: irene did? tell her i’m sorry.
[INDAY] mare: break?
[—] Inday: Meaning? Wanna sleep now? Donna : tell you soon, but by the time i say you at the VIVA XMAS party, your still a teener, I’m in my eary 20’s
[—] he!… as in vulgar! hahaha
[INDAY] no, i dont.
[TEK] Okay take five!
[DOINGS] rg:ok pa naman yon ha. e di di ka pa matanda
[TEK] mares: walang iwanan this is till death do us part kuno portion Donna : hindi nga
[DOINGS] tita tek:haha! kaya ko yon!
[INDAY] EVERYONE: when my mom comes down again and scolds me, i’m outta here oky?
[—] Tek: No breaks for you, huh?
[—] TITA TEK: ako hindi pwede.
[JIJI] Doings: I’ve some advice: Why don’t you sing live in all of your tV guestings, para practiced ka
[DOINGS] mare:oo.intindihan namin
[DOINGS] rg:oo naman Donna : kaya lang, when we saw each other sa radio staion, Nahiya ako
[INDAY] TITA TEK: is rache still there?
[DOINGS] rg:nye! bakit naman?
[TEK] but of course doings, dahil we’re both late sleeper! as in tsinelas
[INDAY] TITA TEK, DOINGS: anong tsinelas, SPARTAN?
[TEK] yes my dear, she’s listening to the converse as in sapatos say mo?
[—] Tek: Very cute
[DOINGS] ji: kung puwede nga lang eh.sila minsan ang ayaw eh.di maganda minsan ang sound system
[INDAY] mare: do you choose your own songs for your albums?
[DOINGS] anong sapatos?
[DOINGS] mare:yung iba Donna : kasi, “ewan ko lang”……nang nakita mo ako, parang nakita mo na ako, “ewan ko lang”….ako naman, nahiya ako. Pero, nilakasan ko lang ang loob ko para makausap ka.
[INDAY] mare: yung converse.
[TEK] ang baduy mo naman inday, birken stocks naman! sabi ni rache
[DOINGS] like yung where coud he be,nagkuwento ako ng gusto ko
[TEK] thanks ji
[INDAY] TEK: kasi yung ang tsinelas ko eh., spartan. hehehe
[J] good night to everyone. May the Almighty guide all of you.
[INDAY] bye J! rg> bye J
[DOINGS] rg:bakit ka naman mahihiya sa akin no?
[J] bye
[DOINGS] bye j!
[DOINGS] haha! ayaw pa ring tumigil e no? haha! Donna : syempre, hindi pa kita kilala as the Donna in person, NOT the Donna on TV and in the movies.
[JIJI] J: Bye! Bye! May your nights be filled with assorted dreams. How’s that for a parting shot?
[TEK] doings, rache is asking who do you think of whenever you sing where could he be intriga lang daw
[INDAY] mare: maybe i can write a song for you. i have written one before, tagalog nga lang, when i was still in the band.
[DOINGS] rache: wala lang hmmm…madalas si tom cruise.haha!
[DOINGS] mare:oo ba! galing naman!
[INDAY] mare: you love tom? i love jerry maguire!!!!
[JIJI] Doings: Luma na yon! Baka sabunutan ka ni Nicole!
[INDAY] mare: chamba lang yun. Donna : pero by using the internet….okay lang………….. ewan ko ba………teka kuha muna ako ng drinks ko…..
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[MARITI] No not Tom! Brad Pitt naman!
[TEK] but i like top gun better, kaya mas luma itis
[DOINGS] ji: ok lang basta mahal ko siya.hehe!
[TEK] pare!!!!!!!
[INDAY] si ****** (name withheld for INDAY’S privacy and protection.) yung crush ko sa school kamukha ni tom cruise.
[DOINGS] rg:ok
[INDAY] TITA TEK: manay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DOINGS] mariti:mas gusto ko si tom
[DOINGS] mare:talaga?????wow!!!!
[INDAY] where could he be? will i spend a lifetime, searching endlessly….
[INDAY] mare: oo, kaya lang torpe eh.
[DOINGS] sigh!!!!!!!
[INDAY] mare: he’l never say it i guess.
[DOINGS] mare:nasaan na siya ngayon?
[DOINGS] yun ba yung married na?
[TEK] o yung ****** (name withheld for privacy and protection.) na may big butt, sabi ni rache
[INDAY] mare: hindi ko na siya ka-block, ibang section na siya. i see him occassionally
[INDAY] mare: iba yun. si d
****E yung married na.
[DOINGS] ic Donna : sige, simula ngayon, hindi na ako mahihiya sa iyo……
[INDAY] mare: si duane hawig ni paco, magaling din sa drums. si alfred, si jerry maguire.
[MARITI] Doings: Okay sa’yo si tom akin si brat how’s that?
[DOINGS] rg::)
[DOINGS] si brad super guwapo rin pero maka-tom talaga ako noon pa:)
*** Tylene has joined channel #Donna_Chat
[INDAY] TITA TEK: hello?
[JIJI] Donna: I was supposed to visit you in the GU taping, kaya lang it was too late when I figured out where it was located, kasi exit na ang byuti mo sa show. Talk about bad timing!
[INDAY] hi tylene!
[TYLENE]hi hi hi
[DOINGS] ji:haha! di bale sa susunod na lang Hiya Tylene
[TYLENE] Sorry I’m late everyone…
[DOINGS] hi tylene
[JIJI] Hi Tylene! Where RU from?
[TYLENE] huli na ba ako???
[INDAY] TITA TEK: hello??? Hiya Tylene
[JIJI] Puwede pang ihabol sa huling biyahe. sakay na!
[TYLENE] hi doings!!!!!////////jiji: I’m here in Bahrain…. great Donna fan….
[DOINGS] tylene:ok lang
[DOINGS] tylene:cool!!!!
[TYLENE] rg.. hi! πŸ™‚
[TEK] ka-chika ko kasi si rache, yung special friend mo? i’m reading her the converse (hindi sapatos paki sabi kay mare)
[TYLENE] Doings! Where ya from?
[INDAY] Grabe, we’re from everywhere ano?? Tylene : what time is it =)
[JIJI] So what time is it in Bahrain? Wee hours in the morning?
[TEK] hi tylene
[DOINGS] is donna
[INDAY] TITA TEK> hindi ba niya ako kakamustahin?
[TYLENE] Hi Tek!!!! Hi Inday!!!!!!! Kamusta na ‘day!
[INDAY] TYLENE, doings is Donna
[TYLENE] it’s about 7pm over here…
[TEK] tylene is that short for tylenol? joke lang
[—] What took you so long?

INDAY] 12 am…. magta-transform na ako.
[—] hi!!!!! haha!
[TYLENE] ji: what took you so long????
[DOINGS] mare:hahahahaha!
[JIJI] We’ve been at it for three hours already!
[DOINGS] uy! may secret ako sa inyo
[TYLENE] jiji… I had to go to my *ahem* bf’s house for dinner with my mother… heeheee… *tsismis
[INDAY] mare: malapit na!!! ayan na…. everything is growing….
[TEK] into what inday? vampira
[DOINGS] wag niyong sasabihin ha
[TEK] Doings… WHAT’S THE SECRET???!!!!!

Wow……..great Tylene, here it’s 12:15am , tama ba ako?
[TYLENE] jiji…. kayo ha… heehee
[DOINGS] secret talaga ha
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DOINGS] mare!!!!!
[TEK] doings baka kabagin ka raw sabi ni rache
[TEK] pare!!!!!!!ngek!
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DOINGS] sabihin ko na ba??
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[TEK] doings naman eh, suspense na kami!
[INDAY] para pala akong nanganganak noon.
[JIJI] mares: sabi na? hey hey hey, ano ba yun ?
[DOINGS] o sige
[DOINGS] breathe in, breathe out…
[DOINGS] alam niyo ba na……… TAKUT ako
[TYLENE] rg… hewwo?
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Tylene
[TYLENE] ngek… hi rg hi to you too Tylene
[TEK] tylene, did you get offended biro lang! forgive me
[TYLENE] tek… oops… hindi ako na-offend!!! πŸ™‚
[JIJI] It was really super talking to you guys. Too bad I have to sign off.
[JIJI] I’m half-asleep already zzz
[—] ji:! bye! talk to you again..!
[—] goodnight ji!
[—] bye ji
[—] take care!
[—] ji : sweet dreams. Donna : alam mo ba, I look tired on the picture with you sa RX
[MARITI] Everybody: Superwoman’s gotta go! I got to take care of some business. I hope to hear form you soon and I hope we’ll have the chance to talk about DCInt’l next time. Doings, I’ll e-mail you na lang. ‘looking forward to seeing you in November. Take care and God bless. Bye Che thanks a million. I owe you one!
[TYLENE] tek, karrlyn ang tunay kong pangalan eh… nung maliit ako i couldn’t say karrlyn very well… kaya tylene ang palayaw ko… er, makes sense ba?? heeheee
[—] ji : pray first.
[—] bye jiji…. i’ll miss you..:)
[DOINGS] rg: ok lang yon
[—] bye mariti~
[—] Bye everyone! Good night! Bye bye JiJI — line cut—
[—] rg!!!!!!!
[TEK] kawawa ka naman may school ka pa pero ang motto natin ay do or die juice Ko day di ba
[INDAY] i am chatting with michelle on ICQ. may problem sa browser niya she cant get in here.
[DOINGS] tylene!!!!!!!
[INDAY] she ll try if she can reach us sa IRC.
[INDAY] TITA TEK: yes, alive, and pretty.
[TEK] doings rache is asking if you have a movie named ROBERTA yung madir pala nya ang nagta-tanong masyado yatang update si mommy
[TYLENE] I’m back
[DOINGS] tita tek wala
[—] no, pero i have heard of it. TITA TEK: the previous was for u
[DOINGS] pero nag guest lang ako
[TEK] inday ang sabi ko alive lang walang pretty so don’t push it ok? Donna : may ICQ ka ba, madalas ka ba sa internet
[INDAY] TEK: ok lang.
[INDAY] TEK: so she misses me i guess.
[TEK] thank you daw sabi ng madir ni rache
[TYLENE] na-disconnect si ako!
[—] hewwo?
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[TYLENE] iniwan nyo ako???
[TEK] ano ba yan!!! kayo ha!
[DOINGS] tylene!!!!!!!!!
[—] tylene hellow again
[—] wb tylene!!!!
[TYLENE] Doings!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hug hug hug
[INDAY] ok deadma ako.
[—] kailan ka babalik dito?
[TEK] doings, baka naman maputulan ka ng litid nyan
[TYLENE] tenk yu… naputol yung linya eh! merong tumawag *distorbo..heehee*
[TYLENE] litid? ngek! wag sana!
[TYLENE] Doings? ako ?? heehee
[INDAY] TITA TEK (w/matching palo sa braso) ano na???
[TEK] tylene:oo
[TEK] aray ko masakit yun ah! wala kagaya rin ng say
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!
[TEK] sorry i forgot the “o” inday
[TYLENE] i was there noong april and may… nakita nga kita sa tv eh…. ngek ang gwapo ni jason everly!!! *kilig*
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DOINGS] tylene:hahaha!
[TYLENE] doings… kelan ka babalik rito? tawa ka ano??? pogi naman talaga eh!!!!
[TEK] tylene asan ka ba ngayon
[TEK] hindi ko lang alam Donna : na disconnect ako kanina, sorry ha……….
[TYLENE] tek… nasa Bahrain ako… dito ako nagaaral eh…
[DOINGS] rg:ok lang
[RG] disco king ka pala haha!
[TYLENE] uy… Doings… pag pupunta ka rito… pwedeng interview???? heeheeee…. journalist ako rito eh!!!!!
[—] hi!!!
[—] Hi mitch!
[INDAY] hi mich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[—] ay mich pala
[INDAY] donna, this is michelle.
[TEK] wow bongga ka pala, eh di maraming arabo dyan?
[MICH] hi everyone…hi doings….
[DOINGS] hi mitch! Donna : oo nga e, nasa Ledge pa……he he he he eh
[—] hi mitchi
[TYLENE] tek… andami arabo… gusto mo isa? heeheee
[DOINGS] tylene:hahaha!
[INDAY] tylene: gusto ko blue-eyed.
[TYLENE] doings… heeheee… andami naman talaga eh!
[TEK] mares: hindi na yata pantay ang leeg ko nasa kaliwa na lang kasi ang phone nandon din aray ko!
[DOINGS] tylene:ikaw?
[TYLENE] inday… blue eyed? ok… you don’t mind if they’re contacts right???
[DOINGS] tita tek:hahahahaha!
[INDAY] tylene: no offense, ha, diba mga arabo , they smell…..?
[TYLENE] doings… ako? hmmm?
[INDAY] TITA TEK: how is rache doing? Donna : Wow……….3 hours na tayo dito
[DOINGS] mare:hahahaha!
[TEK] tylene tek atapang atao hindi atakbo, pero kung abigay arabo atakbo atulin ahay!…..
[TYLENE] inday… no offense taken… hindi naman ako arabo eh!!!!! heeheeee…
[TYLENE] dunno, i haven’t made “amoy” to one… heeheee… but i think so>…!
[TEK] che okay ka lang, wala ka na bang ibang misip sabihin sabi ni rache Hiya Mich
[TYLENE]tek… atapang ba?
[DOINGS] tita tek:hahahahaha!
[—] mich!!!!
[—] hi rg
[TEK] rg ay 3 hrs pa lang ba?
[DOINGS] tylene: buti ka pa may bf na
[TEK] si donna parang kinikiliti ng sampong bakla!
[DOINGS] rg: kamusta??? gising ka pa?
[INDAY] mich is from baguio…. i mean, she just arrived from baguio.
[TEK] ok ba yun dongs?
[MICH] hi tylene..
[TYLENE] ako merong bf? ikaw ?
[—] mich… hewwo!
[INDAY] mich, pasalubong ko… igorot?
[DOINGS] tylene:haha! bungisngis kasi talaga ako eh Tek : yup, 3 hours na =)
[INDAY] mich inday is cheryl
[MICH] ms. inday…wala naiwana ko eh πŸ™‚
[TYLENE] from baguio! wow…. i love that place…
[INDAY] RG, TEK: 4 hrs na. Donna : gising pa……..
[DOINGS] grabe!!!!!
[TEK] sorry doings, sa sobrang bilis kong mag-type eh dumudulas ang fingers ko (ay ganon)
[DOINGS] saya!!!!!
[—] mich, sayang yung igorot… hehehe
[TYLENE] donna… bungisngis ka rin pala ah! pareho tayo!
[DOINGS] haha! sobra!! Donna : bakit………I’m still here, gising na gisig pa…….
[TEK] doings, as in saya (ng lola ko) hahaha
[DOINGS] rg:wala lang:) Inday : 4 hours na ba
[DOINGS] tita tek:hi mo ako kay lola:)
[—] doings… sabi ni mommy ko… hello daw… sabi nya sabihin ko raw sayo na meron daw syang bagong CD mo…. Donna : Don’t forget to email me, so i can scan the pictures.
[TEK] o sige gigisingin ko ang lola from the grave, kaya mahirap magising yon!
[TYLENE] hoy…. email nyo naman ako o!!!!
[—] tek… hoy… wag mo nang gisingin! Donna : tell me when is your free time, para hindi naman nakakahiya naman sa iyo.
[J] bye
[DOINGS] o sige tyle email mo rin ako Bye J
[—] bye j!
[TYLENE] tek… ano email mo?
[—] bye J!
[—] rg:oo sige
[—] come again J. Donna : =)
[J] hahaha bye doings and everybody in here. god bless all of you kelan ulit ang next chat?
[TEK] o inday, may-i-wiwi raw si rache
[J] bye inday ty J is coming soon -parang movie.
[DOINGS] God bless you too j! god bless J
[INDAY] bye j. welcome.
[INDAY] TEK: hindi pa kamo pwede…. sa bday pa niya
[J] doings….. sige na baka magiyakan tayo dito. Baka ako ang makakuha ng award hahaha!
[—] best dramatic cyber actor goes to J!!! heehee
[INDAY] we’ll miss you J! (w/ facial expression) clap clap clap clap clap clap
[—] speech speech!!!
[—] sige na ty sa award ninyo
[TEK] inday hindi ko na-getz yung message mo RG is taking video shot to J para air-on -tv
[DOINGS] rg:haha!
[TEK] o inday, rache is back atapos na siya abanyo RG is using a Video8 camera
[DOINGS] rg:ok ha!
[INDAY] TEK: welcome back rachelle!
[—] o J speech clinic naman? si RG nadapa habang nag- lalakad……………ARAY………..”camera ko, nasira”……..WASAK”
[TYLENE] parang gusto ko ng ice cream… anyone?
[INDAY] tita tek…. are u still there. irene… kwento naman.
[DOINGS] rg:haha! wala na si j no Sayang…………sira na ang video nya……..he he he he he
[TEK] its nice to be back (hindi na raw masakit yung pantog nya) meron pa ba? sabi ni rache
[TYLENE] doings… nasan ka ngayon?
[DOINGS] tylene:puwede bang fat free or sherbet na lang??
[TYLENE] haha!
[TEK] doings… fat free? ay…. πŸ™‚ Donna : Hindi ba nakakahiya sa iyo…………
[INDAY] tylene: make it coffee crumble or cappucino mahilig ako sa kape.
[—] yogurt na lang kaya?
[DOINGS] tylene:you mean saang lugar?
[DOINGS] rg:ang alin?
[TYLENE] coffee???
[INDAY] i wish my pc is in my room.
[TYLENE] doings… yup….
[DOINGS] low fat ok
[TEK] o finally kamusta ka raw sabi ni rache, hindi ka raw ba matutulog may pasok ka mamaya
[—] tylene: kape. right.
[TEK] inday… we all wish that..
[TYLENE] doings… low fat? oki doki… anong flavour?
[INDAY] TEK: oo nga eh. i cant afford to sleep not w/ this.
[TYLENE] mich. what did you do sa baguio?
[TYLENE] inday…. kape… that’s with sugar and cream?
[DOINGS] hmmm…vanilla
[DOINGS] fav ko yon
[DOINGS] yummy!!!!
[—] vanilla???
[INDAY] tita tek, this is mich, mich this is tita tek.
[TYLENE] gusto mo ng toppings
[—] yup
[TEK] doings: ikaw talaga puro fat free… fat-nubayan ka nawa?
[INDAY] mich are u still there>
[—] oki doki
[DOINGS] wala
[DOINGS] basta vanilla lang
[DOINGS] yummy!!!!
[TYLENE] inday o! *handing over the coffee*
[—] hi mich
[MICH] yup! medyo pagod lang…
[INDAY] tylene: thanks! may whipped cream ka ba diyan?
[TYLENE] donna …. *handing over the vanilla ice cream*…. kainan na!!!! ako naman chocolate ice cream… *slurp*
[TEK] tylene how bout me, no coffee for me?
[TYLENE] inday…. whipped cream? sandali lang ha!!!
[RG] tylene: ako rin…
[TYLENE] tek… anong order nyo sir?
[—] thanks tylene!
[INDAY] MICH: its okay… kung pagod ka, you can go to sleep na… may transcript naman ito eh.
[TYLENE] mich… ano sa iyo? coffee, tea, ice cream, o arabo? ehe.. mali!
[TEK] tylene: lokah mam ako
[MICH] tylene: coffee na lang dear…
[TYLENE] tek… mam yes sir!
[DOINGS] si tylene tsaka si tita tek ay nakakabaliwwww!!!!!!!!
[TYLENE] mich… coffeee coming right up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[—] haha!
[DOINGS] tylene: pwede ka ng manager.
[TYLENE] buti napansin mo doings!
[INDAY] mare: lahat naman kayo nakakabaliw eh.
[TEK] madaming nababaliw sa tylenol… kaya just say no to drugs… heeheee..
[INDAY] TEK: tita, tell rachelle kung okay lang siya. si irene nababaliw na rinba?
[TEK] tylene: kailangan tamper resistant hehehe
[DOINGS] tylene:nyeeeee!!! nyaaahahahaha!
[DOINGS] rg:ok ka pa ba diyan?
[—] tylene…thanks.
[DOINGS] tahimik mo eh Donna : I’m okay
[TYLENE] tek… tamper resistant? yuk yuk yuk Donna : why
[TYLENE] doings…. bwahahahahaa
[TEK] don’t worry daw dahil rihgt now magkausap ang dawalang (ay buyoy!) baliw sa phone
[TYLENE] bwaaahahaaaaaaaahhaaa *bruhilda laugh*
[DOINGS] rg:tahimik mo kasi eh Donna : oh………..soweeeeeee =)
[INDAY] so long farewell, its time to say goodbye….
[DOINGS] tylene: hahahahahaha!
[INDAY] i hate to go and leave this pretty site….
[DOINGS] mare:tulog ka na?
[—] oy doings parang song ha
[DOINGS] ako rin oki doki… kelan uli tayo chat chat?
[DOINGS] may appointment pa ako sa doc ko tom para sa asthma ko:(
[—] doings? doc?
[DOINGS] bye everyone!!! matutulog na ang magkumare!!!!! Donna : I’m gonna start making your new chat page, you can be a chat operator, you can make topics………
[INDAY] mare, yung wish natin!!!!
[TYLENE] ay! meron ka rin palang asthma
[TEK] ako rin inday wag mong iwan tulo laway tuloy ako!
[DOINGS] oo tylene
[DOINGS] hirap nga eh
[TEK] inday!!!!! *maktol…*
[INDAY] TITA TEK, RACHELLE, IRENE: goodbye! i’ll miss you!
[TYLENE] doings… i know what you mean… i have the same problem…
[DOINGS] rg:yehey!!!!! ok yun! thanks!
[INDAY] mare: kanta muna tayo together, our song….. where could he be?….
[DOINGS] rg:sinign ko ang kuya ko sa guestbook ng rx ha
[INDAY] MICH: have to go now….
[TEK] they’ll miss you too sana? iemail mo raw yung 50 pages
[INDAY] mare:gnight
[TEK] inday!!! *dabog*
[—] sleep tight
[TYLENE] Bye..doings…inday…
[DOINGS] don’t let the bedbugs bite
[TYLENE] don’t let the bed bugs bite?
[INDAY] mare: kanta tayo last time na lang…… Donna : medyo flatered nga ako kasi, my picture with you is on your homepage
[INDAY] surot! bedbugs….!
[DOINGS] hahahaha!
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[INDAY] where could he be…….
[TEK] juice ko day wag ipagpilitan!
[INDAY] will i spend a lifetime
[DOINGS] will i spend a lifetime searching endlessly……
[INDAY] for that someone 2 hold…
[DOINGS] rg:talaga?
[DOINGS] and call my own
[INDAY] oh where could he be?
[DOINGS] oh where could he be….. Donna : kailan sya nag sign
[DOINGS] heaven help him
[INDAY] together: heaven, help us find his way to them!!!!
[MICH] bye everyone…have to sleep na rin…sayang sandali lang ako ngayon…
[DOINGS] find his way to me……
[TEK] inday: nandito siguro
[—] bye mich!
[—] mich.. babay!
[DOINGS] MICH! bye! cya next time!!!
[DOINGS] thanks for the time!
[INDAY] i hate to say goodbye.
[—] bye mich bye bye Mich
[TYLENE] sige na nga… pati si ako.. bye bye na rin!
[INDAY] thanks everyone. i am happy. inatz Mich
[DOINGS] tita tek, thanks. happy happy joy joy… πŸ™‚
[DOINGS] is super happy too!
[DOINGS] rg: thanks
[RG] you’re always welcome
[INDAY] bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[TYLENE] sige! sleepy na rin ako eh
[INDAY] i hate to say gbye.
[TYLENE] mam tek.. babay!
[DOINGS] rg:thanks ha!
[TYLENE] mam inday… babu! bye bye inday
[DOINGS] sa uulitin:)
[INDAY] last time
[INDAY] bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[—] bye…ingat people….
[—] bye tyelen
[—] doings… babay!!!
[INDAY] RG: send me the transript.
[INDAY] Thanks again.
[DOINGS] tylene: take care! thanks! Donna : your welcome =) thanks again everyone. si tek tek naman eh!!!! heehee
[INDAY] inday lives!
[TYLENE] bye doings, sana maulit muli
[DOINGS] tita tek: kalog ka talaga! wag kang magbabago
[INDAY] mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inday : are you cheryl
[DOINGS] pareho kayo ni tylene
[TYLENE] you’re welcome doings… have fun! *hugs*
[INDAY] RG: yes i am. i am the same girl.
[DOINGS] bye mich
[DOINGS] bye tita tek
[INDAY] sleep tight everyone. ay kami lang pala.
[DOINGS] bye mare
[TEK] doings: i won’t nature ko na to
[DOINGS] bye rg
[TEK] naiiyak ako…..
[TEK] iiyak na ako…. Inday : ha?!….bakit hindi mo saakin sinabi kaagad
[DOINGS] bye tylene
[TEK] ayan na
[DOINGS] mare, bye!
[—] bye doings!
[INDAY] sige na bye na!!!!
[TEK] … *singhot!!*
[DOINGS] nye!!! haha!
[TEK] doings: bumabaha na ng luha ko rito coz i hate to see you goodbye
[TEK] …. *hikbi**
[DOINGS] i love you all! thank you! walang chika yan.super enjoy talaga ako:) sana maulit ha Inday : dibale, padala ko sa iyo ang transcript, take note, blind name ito ha……
[TEK] ….*dabog
[TEK] doings: super super enjoy rin kami
[DOINGS] rg:k! thanks!
[TEK] …. *wwwwwaaaahhhhh*
[—] thanks!
[DOINGS] bye friends!
[INDAY] babay na talaga…. TITA TEK : say goodbye to my specialfrend rachelle.
[RG] …. *burp*… oops… sory
[—]bye bye
[—]sana maulit muli
[DOINGS] nye!
[—]bye! NYE!!!!!!!!!!
[INDAY] bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[TEK] inday: para raw siyang special sipao
[DOINGS] nye ka rin!
[TEK] bye doings
[INDAY] bye@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
[DOINGS] bye tek…
[DOINGS] email mo ako ha!
[DOINGS] bye tylene
*** ay…..wala na sila
[TEK] tyelene will i see your email address? It’s almost 4 hours of chatting
[TEK] nandito pa ko rg hello tek tapos na ba
[TEK] hi i guess tayong dalawa na lang, o ano ba bye ba rin sige, bye bye na rin, question
[TEK] rg: akala ko matibay sila sa puyatam hindi pala mag- kamag anak ba kayo
[TEK] ay mali pa spelling, siguro pagod na rin ako Tek : oo nga eh……..nakakaduda oks lang yun, chat ito eh
[TEK] sinong kamag-anak? kayo po ni Donna kasi tawag sa inyo TITA
[TEK] wag mo naman akong po-poin, hindi kami magka maganak, fan and friend lang nya ako Soweeeee……akala ko , TITA kayo ni Donna, just give respect lang =) paano ba yan, aalis ka na, e ako, aayusin ko pa itong transcript ni Donna
[TEK] ok lang yon kasi sabi ko kay doings tita na lang ang itawag nya sa kin kasi 40 yrs old na ko so parang niece ko na sya Oh……………e nasa mid20’s ako eh………. may pasok pa ako mamaya
[TEK] oh di pamangkin na rin kita o di ba, o sige ba bye na =) okay, bye bye to you see you soon to the new chat page ni Donna
[TEK] okay see ya bye
[TEK] bye
Log File Closed:c:\rg\#donna_chat.log –
*** Log file closed: 10/13/97 12:49:21 AM


Special Thanks

Special thanks to RG of RGSoft for providing us the chat transcript log. This is an originally blind transcript (no names recorded)! The webmaster tried so hard to recall who spoke what and when. Please bear with us if this isn’t 100% accurate.


Donna’s Special Day

February 14, Valentines’ Day is also Donna’s birthday! We’ve yet to find out how she celebrated today but here are a few special posts from her loyal Donnanians,his husband, plus and cake made by the Donnanians.