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A visit to Donna

21 Feb , 1998  

Cheryl (webmaster Inday) and Jiji (an active community member and article contributor to the website) visited Donna in her house in New Manila. Donna is as fun, beautiful and friendly as ever.

Jiji, Cheryl, and Donna


Archives, Community, News 1998 Wallpaper

1 Jan , 1998  

All Donna Cruz fans can now set their desktop calendar wallpaper to the 1998 calendar fan edition. Click to download:





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The First Official Chat with Donna Cruz

12 Oct , 1997  

First Official Chat
Date : 1997-10-12 20:00:00
This is the first ever official chat with Donna Cruz, and one of the most memorable one. Special thanks to RG of RGSoft for helping us in this chat. We had technical problems with recording the chat log because on our logs the chatter’s names were invisible! The webmaster tried her best to recall who said which and what. Anyway, enjoy reading! More…